Sunday, May 1, 2011

A to B and up a tree, round the bend and back again....weekend edition

"who are you, where do you come from, are you listening to me? alright Mr. Sister, I want you to tell me, stand up and tell the class what do you wanna do w/ your life."

i've frequently refer to myself  as an A to B guy.  its what i find to be comfortable.  going from one point to another.  school to work. work to home. home to friends.  never very comfortable about free-styling through my day.  but i think that sometimes its important to skip the tracks and derail every now and then.  there's probably a lot of groovy livin to be had between A & B.

when i was younger I was taken in to have my eyes checked at the local JcPenney. the doctor said i had lazy eyes and needed to exercise them.  he told me to take the phone book, focus on the fine print and then look up.  i guess the muscle that contracts my retina was weak.  okay?   to this day i have never really worked that muscle group like i should, not sure where that leaves me now. my reaction time has perhaps slowed a bit.  When driving our Buick down the off ramp of a 10 story parking garage I have the worst time navigating down the spiral exit ramp. Aaron is always hollering at me, saying I'm driving too close to the side wall, my whole problem is that the walls are the same damn color as the ground and I can't distinguish between the two, I keep telling him this and he says I'm nutz.    i probs should get a check up soon.  focus danielson  focus those damn eyes, focus those lazy damn eyes!

what kind of man am I?  I'm going to have to take a note from a group of people I refer to as my life coaches-- Miyagi, Rogers & Michaels.   Mr. Miyagi demands focus, Mr rogers says to respect diversity and Mr. George Michael says I've gotta have faith, and a good lawyer. 


These are my trailblazers, the ones who've helped shape my existence.
  i say  Lets Dance and put on some shiny pants!

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  1. I'm an A to C guy with the occasional stop at B. As to driving - remind me to never sit shotgun in your car.