Sunday, May 15, 2011

Salsa n Chips or Salsa the Night Away

Sunday Giblets

Should I become Facebook friends w/ my deodorant?  I was watching television the other evening when a commercial for Secret Deodorant came on. "strong enough for a man but made for a women"  Being a man, I've always resented this commercial, seems like this Deodorant is thumbing its nose at me every time this slogan is repeated.  At the end of this ad for sweat repellent we are invited to visit Secret on Facebook, link up and become friends!  Yay, me and my underarm care provider can now be Besties!  We can be Sistuhs!.  I suppose if I continue this process I might as well become friends with Glad who produces my trash bags.  I'm very loyal in this respect.  If we're talking about Detergent, my gut would be to lean on Tide but they are ridiculous w/ their pricing--so I go to the generics. 

I enjoy how our reality is now going digital.  Our friendships and family are all connected through fiber optics; we are talking to people around the world, sharing ideas and expression.  Household products are requesting our loyalty by hooking up w/ us on Facebook.  pretty wild stuff, I can't imagine what the future will bring, I guess I could ask any technology genius and they would know.   perhaps contact lenses that double as a monitor, being able to search the internet by using your mind.  WOW I could become Mr. Roboto.  That would be very convenient and very helpful in my day to day.  I already am face down into my cellphone punching away at the screen waiting for pages to load and give me that information I crave.  I must have Information! I need more Information. I wonder if information overload could be considered an addiction. My current conversations these days generally include me or someone pulling out the cell to look something up.

Google it! Google it!  you are absolutely wrong, Google that Shiz!

so, I've decided I will Not be reaching out to Glad for a Facebook connection.  I'm going to try to limit my FB relationships w/ the human variety.  I suppose if someone's dog had a page I might friend a dog, but I think I'd still have problems w/ that.  its not like the dog is actually posting anything,  just the owner through the guise of their pet.  so, No to dogs also.  I will only be Facebook friends w/ Human Beings.  got to draw that line.

Peace Bingo, Peace Rin Tin Tin & Smell yah Later Lassie


  1. Here, here! (Just so you know, my father-in-law wears Secret - it is strong enough for a man!!)

    Timely advice for us all.

  2. That is a fantastic place to draw the line. People friends only.

  3. Hello, visiting from the Rewind, I see your point... I like my personal Facebook to be just IRL friends. It's especially good for peeking into the lives of old friends and colleagues back in Bonnie Scotland. Definitely not a place for deoderant, however useful I find that.

  4. LOL - I am not friends with anyone or anything on FB that I do not know. And I cannot see the point of getting to know a deodorant!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.