Tuesday, May 10, 2011

chords of funshine

i absolutely love seeing people carrying musical instruments around.  i was sitting on a bus this evening and i observed a man with a guitar case.  he seemed to blend in with the crowd, nothing especially eccentric about his look except for a guitar case he had his arm wrapped around.  The guitar case gave him a swagger, a sense of mystery.  i couldn't help but visualize the facial expressions he'd display while plucking out a tune.  strumming a 3 chord melody to a group of strangers in a local tavern.

i absolutely love live performances.  there is a tangible reality that musician and audience member get to be a part of when a live set is played. For all I know, this man w/ the guitar could have be coming home from a beginners 101 banjo lesson but either way i think its cool. I think it is cool that he is spending his time creating and sharing.  Now! had he been carrying a cello and taking up an extra seat, this post may be completely different.  I have definite opinions on train etiquette and an overblown cello getting in the way of my lazy arsz certainly falls in the category of "things that drive me mad" OR  "things that freak my shiz"

 i ran into an ole friend on my train this morning. lets call her Penelope.  she is a fiery beautiful gal w 2 kids, she was a college classmate/roommate of mine back in the late 90's millennium era.   I was on my routine walk to the train this morning, when I see this all terrain stroller lady whizz past and up the way through a set of doors.  I swear her hustle was such that it could have compared to a gorilla in a banana eating contest.  A double decker stroller, one baby in front and other in back.  i had to run up and catch her.  she, out of breath apologized for her quick emotion but explained missing the 8am train would cause her baby boy to be late.  i thought it wonderful that she was so engrossed in her children but what amazed me most were her questions towards me and her asking about my dogs and partner aaron. i was touched. This women who times the train and knows every bathroom function of these two little children has the time to ask me how I am.   i have run into Penelope several time on this train and have enjoyed our talks.  she makes her boy address me as mr todd which I think is funny.  today the lit't one asked what "firing" meant.  Penelope patiently explained that when someone doesn't do their job their boss can fire them, that they will need to pack up there things and never come back.

I love how explaining difficult adult situations to children can sound so simple.  I think I need to hire a preschool teacher to come into my home and give me a rundown of my life; come in, pour me a glass of milk and lay it down.  There is a certain sweetness that is added when talking to children. I think if we applied this sweetness to adults we might open up a few new avenues.

I'm sorry sir, the ham panini is not available because so so many people before you came with similar wants/needs and decided to gobble them ALL up.....would you like a Pb&J instead?"  

Asking questions is a good thing, I believe we all need to ask more questions and listen for good answers.

"how did I spend $100 last night?" 

"where did I park my car?"
"why am I wearing a tutu?"


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  2. Awesome post! I totally agree with you - live would be so much better if it weren't just so danged complicated!

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