Friday, May 6, 2011

excuse me are stepping on my foot!

Atlas carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. quite a job, a burden he could not rid of unless he could convince someone to take over the load. I don't blame em for wanting to move on and exhange that burden with someone else.  in order to accomplish this he uses a little trickery to secure this replacement, maybe not the best choice, at least for his reputation. He promises to fetch a pail of apples for his pal Heracles but must shift the weight of the world onto his buddies shoulders while he is away. When Atlas returns w/ the apples he offers to carry them onward,  Heracles agrees but asks Atlas to take the weight of the world back so he can adjust his cloak in order to pad his shoulders and make the task more comfortable. YEAH RIGHT!  instead of being smart and running away, Atlas agrees and is currently STILL holding the weight of  THE WORLD!   that is some sucker.

my mother shared w me a phrase and i believe she got it from her friend terri.   hand me down advice I guess you'd say.  imagine that your problem, that issue in your life was a pencil. sure it'd be ok to pick up that pencil every now and then, flip it, fling it, tap it, sharpen that damn thing,  FINE.  Imagine picking that pencil up and never letting go, holding it out in front of your face, looking at it, pressing the tip of it against the pads of your fingers, writing "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over and over!  "Here's Johnny!".

Your arm would get tired, your patience would be shot, you'd be distracted from all other areas of life. damn. The pencil, a rather light, insignificant object can, after a while become a tremendous burden, a tremendous weight to carry.  The suggestion is to place this pencil down and come back to it when you recharge. My smart ass mind tells me to try a feather and ink well, a lighter and more flamboyant choice but I realize that is missing the point. The advice is solid and I thank my dearest mother for sharing it with me.  I love my mom, my mother's day card isn't in the mail which will probably involve a typical mother's day apology while we chat on the phone.

Yeah....I'm a flawed man, this is true---but I can tell luvs me mum.  xoxo

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  1. How could your Mom not love you? You're AMAZING!