Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vanna need a Spanking?

I'd be weary bout walking onto a porno film set and using the term "show me the ropes". If you are anything like me, you value your freedom and the use of your hands.

My friend Jillian has been showing me the ropes recently, all the way from the Great State of Texas. Perry country, Yee Haw! Giddy Up Young Buck!

No, I am not wrangling any four legged creature nor producing a bondage film. Using our cell phones, Jillian and I are playing a friendly game of Word Feud, a rip off version of Scrabble.

Jillian has a similar personality as myself, competition motivates us. Jillian bought her smartphone 6 months before me, In those six months she played hundreds of rounds of Word Feud. Strangers, friends, hook ups ...Anyone to keep her over active mental word play busy.

Immediately after purchasing my high tech 'handy' I reached out to Jillian for a game. We've had a constant game going for two weeks now with no end in sight. We've come up with great words, my favorite round so was when I started the board with the word 'slut'. It's amazing how many dirty nasty words are legitimate.

Jillian is all about the points, she has taught me to take advantage of the double and triple letter/word squares on the board and to bulk up my game play w/ words like:

Fe he le xi qi ex de za qua

It's these lit'l gems that will win you some mad points. I'm so obsessed at the moment, I've taken to the Internet and have begun to read up on game strategy. It is my goal to beat Jillian, so far I've lost every round. Over and over she beats me. 

I swear, had we been playing live, I would have flipped the board several times by now, sending all those tiles flying. I'm thinkin they should include a 'Jersey style' flip the table option on Word Feud, that would be hilarious.


  1. i have heard of this word feud -- looks like nice-clean-to-the-death fun!

  2. Sticks and stone will break my bones, but words will make me flip a table on your ass.

  3. For the record, I OWN at Scrabble.

    I've won competitions and everything... maybe I shouldn't say that out loud.

  4. By the way, another good two letter word is JO.

  5. Scrabble is not for the weak of heart. Or wait, was it the week of hart? Words confuse me.

  6. haha @ a beer for the shower.
    Word Feud is truly addictive!
    But so is Constipated and Upset About It Pigeon.... the lesser known Angry Birds rip-off game!

  7. I had "flip the board" moments while trying to play chess with my five-years-younger brother, way back when I was a really, really stupid teenager. Games I can't win make me angry and vindictive. If I were you, I might be tempted to find a way to wedgie your fellow gamer. ;D

  8. Well, well, well....another word addict like me! Do you want your addiction to get seriously worse? Then go and play Words with friends the competitor to word feud! If you ever fancy a hard nosed competitive game, look me up!

  9. All a bit quiet on the blog front Mr T. Hope all is ok and and you are just having a nice holiday or something. x

  10. I'm addicted to WWF, however I'm not so great at it. At least I have big boobs.

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