Saturday, May 7, 2011

words falling from the sky

trumpets escorted me on my walk to the train today, the pavement was wet from last nights rainfall, the morning sunshine bright and gleaming off all surfaces.  the air is warm and the sky powder blue. It is beautiful. I was standing in a suit and tie feeling a drunk sensation off the natural beauty around me..........or was that last nights bender?  either way this beauty must be contagious because the chatter on the train today on a scale of 1 to 10 was set at an eleven, not ten, but eleven

The conversation behind me consisted of two lovely ladies, they were talking about eyelashes that were made from animal hair, can you believe that?  In front of me were 3 Ke$sha wanna bees  w/ dirty mouths, dropping F bombs, wearing flip flops and hot pink leggins. Where the hell am I?  can we all just zip it and stare out the window in SILENCE.

I just sat there in my suit/tie and pretended not to notice or hear, I was just the man engrossed in my cell phone reading the daily news.  SURE, my concentration skills finely tuned, your stories of infidelity and mismatched clothing choices don't rock me at all. My morning train ride is usually a library silent shell with the occasional light conversation, but today everyone was excited, everyone excited to relate and share the sunshine, that same sunshine I had been drunk on, like a wasted junkie huffing dust gone from a paper sack.

I guess I was just jealous this morning, jealous that I didn't have anyone around to share aimless musings with, no one to bounce back and forth with.

 i saw j lo perform her new hit song "on the floor" on idol last night, cute tune. i got caught up in the hook,  hell yeah.

she filled the stage with dancers, was elevated like a rising Christ was really special. she was also wearing these white diaper pants covered in glitter, i didn't understand them.  were they intended to conceal or was this a fashion choice? can i also tell you,  and i am certainly prepared to hand in my cool dude card because of this, BUT...i think i am now a fan of that Lady antebellum singing group.  im so sorry to you guys, i cant help it.  those 3 voice harmonies.  that super tall kenny loggins/rogers guy with that husky 70's/80's voice. I think my inner geriatric is kicking in, my instinct says to run like hell but my eyes/ears just clap  "oooh, that's pretty".  oh well. guess my only move is to turn on some OZZY and get my stride back. yeah,  



  1. You can bounce back and forth with me tonight! <3

  2. Am I the only one who thought Brit rocked the bald head? It's the crazy "I'm gonna eat your children" look in her eyes that put people off! ;)