Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Brother!..more like Dr Evil

I was watching Operation Bin Laden recently and was frozen to the tube. It amazed me the time, effort and resources it took to capture this guy. Ten Years!  Omgoodness.  I can't imagine being on the run for Ten Years. Bin Laden laying low, flying under the radar, constantly ordering take out. 

He lived in a fenced in compound with a 10 foot high cement wall with razor wire. Instead of leaving his garbage at the curb for pick up he burned it. He had access to television but did not have internet access. Essentially a prisoner in his own home. The US. government happened to stumble across this compound and immediately was suspicious. All signs pointed to a Bin Laden strong hold. Using technology, the government began surveillance. They used satellites to shoot footage from Space!  They were able to zoom down on a man who would take walks but not participate in  household chores. Seems Bin Laden didn't like to get his hands dirty, would rather pace and meditate.  

If I was holed up for Ten years I'd start some kind of hobby, maybe deco-page, I hear Rosie O'Donnell is an obsessed deco-pager. I'm surprised Bin Laden didn't grow a garden or at least finger paint.  I'm sure on his walks he was contemplating the past, present and future. I wonder if he ever experienced self doubt and was like... "Damn it Osama, why the hell did you declare war on the west, I should've just joined the family business and built that dream home on the Mediterranean like I was supposed to....stupid! I'm so stupid" I'm told he had a girlfriend who was also killed that same night, I suspect she was a source of comfort on these low days.

In order for President Obama to give the go ahead on this mission, he needed more certainty of Osama's presence. So in addition to the satellites, the government whipped out a laser beam that can listen to conversations from over a block away. What this clever laser does is, it measures the vibrations on the glass  window panes and translate the vibrations into speech.  WHAT!  That was all I needed to hear. That completely freaks me out, I knew big brother was strong but I had know idea he was Bionic. Hey I'm all for catching the bad guy and I am happy Bin Laden is no longer walking around in his zen garden but this new technology has me concerned. It is too much power for people to have, its like the whole Lord of the Rings and the "my precious" business. One can not let go of and eventually, like Murphys Law, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

I hope I'm never under surveillance,  hopefully my motto of straighten up and fly right will keep me on solid ground. I don't need to be awoken in my sleep, I sleep in my underwear for gods sake 


  1. Dammit, I need to start wearing underwear now.

  2. Bwhahahha!

    Don't you think he should have just holed up in a shack rather than a compound? What an idiot...but I guess he did evade us for 10 years. So he must've been onto something. I'm guessing his 'girlfriend' was a family member....

    Ohhh and I heard he had a mighty porn collection. Wonder what kind of stuff he was into? Bondage? Bestiality? The things we'll never know....

  3. I stand by my theory that my life is to boring for anyone to care about ;)

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