Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freddy's Mercury is Rising---weekend edition

If Joan Jett were writing her hit song I love Rock N Roll today, do ya think she'd change the lyric to

  slide your debt card through the jukebox baby


  shove another dollar in the jukebox baby


toss a couple quarters in the jukebox baby

  Who knows, her interests may've been completely different in this era, she could've ditched the whole jukebox theme and just wrote a song about playing darts.

I saw Joan Jett this past summer, she kicked arse!  tiny lit'l thang she was.  She wore a black bra w/ spaghetti straps, black leather pants and donned a set of Madonna arms. She was hollering and ripping away at her guitar in the parking lot of a 7-11, no she wasn't homeless w/ a change bucket,  she was headlining for Halsted St. Market Days Festival held every August here in Chicago.  A Giant Gay love-in w/ vendor booths whose wares include  beads, bags, necklaces, dvds & drag queens.  Those poor queens melting in the sun, they keep it together, that's for sure.

"You betta Werk!" "Can I get an Amen!" RuPaul

  It was a great show and a great festival. I thought it was interesting that Joan Jett offered a sign language version of her show to the crowd,.  Joan, being a thoughtful and empathetic artist was able to recognize that some members of her audience were not afforded the sense of hearing, so a sign linguist was hired.

  "never give a damn bout my reputation, your living in the past there's a new generation"    

"Beggin' on my knees
Baby, won't you please
Run your fingers through my hair
Do you wanna touch...yeah
Do you wanna touch....yeah!"

I was amazed at how quickly he could move his hands as he shared her lyrics, give the guy a knife and he'd have a brilliant career working for Benihana.  Fast hands and expressive facial expressions, my only problem was he and Joan didn't coordinate outfits, She was in her Rocker Chick garb and he looked like he walked off the set of Cocoon.  I apologize for the dated reference, as I write more and more I realize my age shines through as I try to connect moments/experience.  I figure screw it!   let it rip!     hit it!

Do you wanna touch yeah! Do you wanna touch yeah!    


  1. This was fun! Like your style Todd.
    I feel my age when I write too. Punky Brewster anyone? The best part is there's a whole audience out there who 'gets' the references.
    I'm now following your blog. :)

  2. I loved watching Punky Brewster...." I must, I must, I must increase my bust" Thanks Karen!

  3. Very interesting. Awesome body. Visit the blog asap. :)