Monday, May 2, 2011

Hi Ho the Merrio, Sing it hi Sing it low

Osama Bin Laden is dead

as I wait to hear President Obama's carefully prepared speech, I am hearing Wolf Blitzer rattle off facts/dates and speculation of America's reputation as the world responds to this news.  CNN is starting to show groups of American's singing patriotic songs, cheering and jubilant. Wolf suggests more celebrations are taking place across America.

Wasn't this supposed to be Will & Kate's weekend?  do you supposed Obama held off on the mission to accommodate the Royal wedding?  It would have been pretty sour if the operation had taken place on the same morning that our beloved Kate Middleton was fitting her veil, sour indeed.  Obama would have had an army of quirky hat wearing women after him shouting

"how dare you upstage our Kate!" 

 "do you realize the lengths we've taken to attach these to our heads!"

I don't have any political statements to share.  I think the whole terrorism situation is sad.  I think when people die it is sad.  I hope people find closure, I hope people find comfort.

 I hope people don't hate.

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