Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Einstein me this Sherlock

I could've invented the wheel; I'm sure out of necessity I would figured it out eventually. Too bad I missed my calling, me going down in history as a genius! You can't imagine the frustration of having an inventive mind but constantly being beat to the chase with every idea I come up with! its completely wrong!

Track suits? Yeah! I could've totally thought them up.  Velcro, how could i miss that?  Now computers and cell phones? Nope, I'd have no clue where to begin. I am perfectly content with the old method of communicating w/ someone face to face. I'm actually very phobic of the phone, I get anxiety.  The awkward pauses, the lack of body language, drives me nuts. 

The wheel, yes. A device to make fire, probably, but not matches, I'm not good with chemistry. I probably would've invented gloves, hats, chimneys. I probably could've invented a plow, fly swatter and coffee mug. But the television, nope. Airplane? Never. Camera? Not on your life.

I'm so happy there are people in this world that can handle this type of thought because if it were left to me, I'm afraid we'd all still be walking around looking like Fred Flintstone.


  1. Yeah, that chemical-electronical-scientifical stuff would have thrown me for a loop, too. But I could have invented sarcasm or snark or joyful bitchitude.
    That would have been my hallmark!

  2. Weapons, I think I might have been good with weapons (big sticks, spears) may have had a problem with metals though.

  3. Humanity is generations beyond the necessity for ambition. Now our hallmark inventions consist of Snuggies and the nukes that will someday be the end of us.

  4. Hi! Following you from F.M.B.T!
    Hope you visit me and return the

  5. I'd be standing right next to you...Wilma style!

    PS--What's your damn email? I've been wanting to reply back to your comments but you don't have it enabled. We're both Scorpios and I'm convinced we should be besties! ;)

  6. Hey Boobies---

    I think your tops! I enabled my email so lets get this party started. Besties! how fun!

  7. I think it was the late 1800s that the patent office declared that all that could possibly be invented had been invented.