Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oopsey daisey

D'ya think I could be successful if I opened a baby goods store called Mister Period? I'm thinking it might come across a lit'l creepy since I'm a 35 year old gay man w zero kids.

Baby mania in my world, Good friend of mine just delivered an 8 lb nugget the other day. My gawd, I can't imagine passing something like that through me. I was cringing the other day when a co-worker of mine was having trouble with kidney stones. A pebble through a penis, ouch! But a human being through a vagina is a whole different ball of wax. Hot Damn! That is remarkable.

I enjoy the spirit of children and the instant impact they bring to the lives of all of us. Christmas is always WAY better when a couple of rug rats are scurrying around , tearing apart wrapping paper and keeping tabs one another's presents.

People are always asking me if Aaron and I will ever decide to adopt. I love the idea, but the pathway to baby bliss is not clear to me. If the universe decided to drop a kid at my door, sure, I'd feed it some tater tots w/ ketchup but to actively muscle a kid into my life? I don't think i'll be doing so.

Sure, I'd like to bounce a kid on my knee evr'y once in a while, pass out Worther's butterscotch candies, but teacher parent conferences, PTA meetings, consoling a raging child? I think not,
I'll leave those precious moments to the experts. 


  1. I love my singular kid - and can't imagine life without him - but, it isn't for everybody (it doesn't seem to be for a lot of the people who have them) and I always suggest that people adopt someone a little older who could really use the home and supportive parents.

  2. Oh come on, if NPH can do it, you and Aaron could be parents of the year. I need some of my gay friends to procreate so I can fill that spot on the Friend Category Bingo card.

  3. LMAO!

    I think you'd be successful running ANYTHING you put your mind to. (That includes parenthood!) My kids would love you--tater tots & candy, SOLD!

  4. I think every kid would benefit from having a little bit of Todd in their lives :)

    But, if it's not for you on a full time basis then fair enough. Too many people go into it without thinking hard enough about it.

  5. Mister Period? LOL!!!!

    Umm i have three rugrats (yeah birthin' babies hurts) & i loathe the PTA (okay i just loathe the uppity bitches who run it) parent teacher conferences suck as a rule, and i give a raging child candy -- of course!

    it's all good in the hood -- parenting isn't for everyone; some peeps are meant to be the best uncles & aunties on the planet! xxoo!

  6. "A pebble through a penis, ouch! But a human being through a vagina is a whole different ball of wax."
    That made me think that perhaps a ball of wax might help, you know, loosen things up so they slide out easier.

  7. ANY time you get a hankering, you can watch my little Kewpie dolls!

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