Friday, May 27, 2011

Deter Mined or In Spired

There's a 3 legged dog in my neighborhood I generally see on my morning walk to the train. I'm not sure of the back story of this canine, whether it be a blood disease, car accident or a war wound, but I can see that this lit'l pooch seems to be moving along nicely accomplishing all it's daily deeds, I'm quite intimate w/ the bathroom routine of this dog, like clockwork....... ohh my

The poor lit'l guy is missing his front right leg, all of it. There isn't even a stump to decorate. The surgeon took that leg off all the way to the pit. I wonder if removing an arm would essentially be removing one's armpit as well.  I think an arm and pit go hand in hand, one being necessary for the other to exist... Hmmm.

This canine reminded me to be determined with the activities I choose, for me determination comes when I'm excited and focused on a attainable goal. I'm glad this dog is in my life. A handicap dog who probably doesn't even realize his front right leg is missing, they say humans who have lost an appendage  have strong sense memory of their missing limb, they call it Phantom Limb. I imagine that this dog is perfectly content with itself, no self doubt, no insecurity, just happy to be on a walk with his master.

I'm so fortunate to have all my limbs, I almost lost a pinkie last year while moving a dumpster. My god, it was terrible. My pinkie got caught between the dumpster and the wall behind it, excruciating as my poor lit'l finger followed the course of the moving dumpster and the wall. I'm healed now, no phantom pinkie for me. I'm so glad that I still have my pinkie even though I barely ever use the thing except for typing.  I think the only letters I use to type w/ my left pinkie are QAZ.  Unless I'm a magical Scrabble genius I don't think those letters are all that necessary. Glove shopping on the other hand might be a bit of a nuisance, should I buy off the rack and let the missing finger flap in the wind or should I sport the extra buck and buy custom Four Finger Gloves? Its a tough call. I think I'd have mine custom made.  one good thing that came out of that incident was the I stopped wearing my pinkie ring. My future as an Italian mob boss is now throw out the window.

Happy Friday Folks.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. What about a member of the Yakuza?

  2. Three legged dogs really freak me out. I know that's not very PC of me...but eeek!

    My daughter severed the tips of two fingers off. Fortunately they were able to repair them in a 5 hour reconstructive surgery. I've got more money in her than she knows! ;)

    Glad you didn't lose your wouldn't look nearly as distinguished sipping tee without a pinkie.

  3. The brain has a map of the entire body and doesn't always correct the map when a limb goes MIA. So while the brain is still sending signals and either not receiving them back or receiving bad signals - like "I think the limb is gone" this in turn causes the brain to go on high alert and give you a signal that something is amiss - normally this is in the form of pain.

  4. My brother's dog lost his leg in an accident and seems to do just fine.

  5. We had a three legged dog. Her handicap didn't stop her from attacking our cat, who then had to have his tail amputated. We had quite the menagerie in our house.

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