Friday, May 13, 2011

enrique! .....someone crack a window

Our condo association has approved a landscape project that is aimed to beautify the front of our building. For a modest budget, we have plans to plant a few tall arbors and a row of bushes. In order to control costs, we will be doing the work ourselves. Should be quite the sight, a collective of city folk gettin their hands connected to the earth.  this weekend we are prepping the soil.  I expect we all at some point will be struck with the importance of earth advocacy & being connected with nature, seeing root systems and encouraging growth, my cuticles will be filled with crud but that's ok,  maybe ill wear a rubber glove.

the other night, aaron and I were awoken to gun fire. Not fireworks, Not a back firing Studebaker, but honest to god Gun Shots.  There was a man yelling & also a whelping dog. I got up to look out the window and I saw a man holding a leashed dog in one hand and shooting off a pistol in the other, firing off  3 rounds into the alley. My heart was pounding, aaron hit the ground and scrambled for his cell to call 911. Within 45 seconds the streets filled with cop cars and flash lights. The man w/ the gun returned and had a conversation w/ the police. Seems this gentleman was walking his dog and came face to face with a raccoon the size of mariah careys baby bump... I think she' delivered already so this comparison may no longer apply. 

I guess this gentleman finds it necessary to pack heat on his dog walks,  i've accomplished the same w/ just a pocket full of poop bags.  Firing off 6 rounds at a raccoon at 1239 am?  I wouldn't say the best judgemnent. Its a damn raccoon, sorry it attacked your dog but really? You need to go all Wild West right outside my window? 

The cops came and went, at one point they even put up police tape, I was waiting for them to do a whole raccoon chalk outline but I'm not even sure the raccoon is dead, it may have gotten away with a few bullets still lodged inside. A raccoon with that kind of street cred would certainly rule, it'd certainly rival pop rapper 50 cent dyNasty. 

Aaron eventually got up off the ground and we both went to bed after realizing our hysteria was all bout a man raccoon dispute.

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