Tuesday, May 3, 2011

toilet pater go down the hooole!

3 hrs + a sliver Buick + 2 Yorkshire Terriers =  Road-trip!  aaron & i took our lit'l ones, samson &  baxter to visit our niece and nephews in the Grand State of Michigan; off to celebrate aarons dad's 61st birthday.  His father is a kind man whom all the lit'l ones climb on and lead to their playroom. he carrys a pocket full of twizzlers and whips em out at all the right moments, kinda like a sugar sheriff controlling the peace

  "what? your crying because you stepped on a lego and it hurts like hell?  Bam! twizzle that pain away"

i was laying on a hammock, the little ones were running around chasing samson and baxter.  baxter absolutely loves this, samson on the other hand could do w/o and preferred to find a cool patch of grass and lay in the sun.  It was one of those days where it was just cool enough that you needed to find that sun ray or else a quick chill might set in.  i observed my lit'l niece chase a small white butterfly, not a monarch or something royal. a simple pretty...sorta moth like butterfly.  the butterfly did swoops and circles & would hide in the blades of grass.  i was enjoying this scene until i started to wonder what would happen once my niece actually caught the fluttering creature.  certain death i assume, this laughing girl w a lit'l rainbow manicure was going in for the kill.   perhaps not going for instant death, but at the very least placing it in a tupperware container and letting it perish slowly.

it was a beautiful day but as quickly as we arrived we needed to return back to chicago, so another 3 hour we go. with the Buick packed and samson & baxter in each arm we left.  all rested and relaxed we hit the highway, muttering thoughts and insights to one another for miles, silence for miles, and then more mutterings.  One of the mutterings that actually held merit came when Aaron noticed a Sarah Lee Foods truck on the highway; as we passed by he read the tag line  "nobody doesn't like Sara Lee"  like a moment of clarity he said he always thought the phrase was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee"   i thought the exact same thing.  I've heard that jingle for 20+ years and have always heard it wrong.   Wow!  I like our version better, less cocky and more realistic.  Ms. Lee is making some grand claims thinkin NOBODY doesn't like her....Hmmmmm.  Reality check Sara, there's plenty of people who don't like you........PLENTY!

Sorry Ms. Lee.......soo soo sorry.  ;)


  1. So glad you visited my blog yesterday..because you totally rock!

  2. I always thought the same on Sara Lee - a little dirty in my mind but less misleading than nobody doesn't - which is improper anyway.

  3. Also, word verifications drive me nuts and there is no need for them on blogger. It is easier to comment for everyone when they aren't there and if you think they need to be there make sure they are embedded with the comment and not seperate which often I will close the page before I notice that there is a verification.

  4. Hey Jhon,

    i'll check on the word verification, I think they are annoying also. is there something I can do on my end to make this easier?

  5. never mind Jhon, I just figured it out. presto chango.


  6. I thought the same exact thing when I saw that truck and my husband did to. I don't think anyone who grew up with that comercial ever knew that it was actually "doesn't like" instead of "does it like" - why would we?? I mean, it's a double negative! Nobody doesn't not like double negatives!