Monday, May 16, 2011

Peter who took from Paul then Raided Mary's closet

they say a handful of nuts are essential to a healthy lifestyle.  I keep several varieties in my cupboard, I eat several handfuls a day

I'm gonna take up running this summer.  i was informed of a shoe store who will sell you a proper runner shoe.  They do this by watching you run.  You get on a treadmill and they examine how your feet hit the surface.  are you a toey person, do you land flat footed, do you roll from the outside of your foot and inward.? I am self conscious enough,  I had no idea the way I run could be any different from anyone else. I thought one foot in front of the other was it.  Guess not.  Another reminder to myself that there is still a lot for me to learn.  

I used to run in high-school, we trained in the summer and competed in the fall.  It was agonizing, I don't particularly enjoy running.  I would have such anxiety when it came to race day.  All runners in their nylon running outfits and spiked running shoes. 5 kilometers of trails, hills, rocks & ravines ahead of us and with the crack of the gunshot we all took flight.  Its very quiet and very rythmic on the trails w/ the other runners, as the crowd falls back in the distance and you pull away from the starting line, you start to focus on the shoes hitting the ground, the breathing of those around you.  The point is to win, to pass all of these runners.  Competition!  The point is to pass and conquer, take each runner one by one without loosing your stamina.  I think this is where the runner's high kicks in but I'm not sure.  This Magical Runner's High that I always hear about.  I never got High!  I just felt pain and frustration.  

I'm hoping that my return to running will be a happy homecoming.  Eliminate the competition and run for myself, for the enjoyment.  maybe I'll get that runner's high I hear people speak of.  I wonder how I will act while on a Runners High,  hope I'm not all crazy.  I tend to be pretty even tempered so i dont imagine I'll be flipping tables or singing Mary Poppins' Spoon full of Sugar over and over again.

It is interesting to think of all the different oddities that make up each of us.  So I run different than my neighbor, FINE!  I probably do a lot of things differently.  Sleep different, Laugh different, eat different.  I think it is important to remember that we each do things differently and we should honor and celebrate these attributes.  So what if I wet my toothbrush brush before and after putting toothpaste on it,  I'm just being thorough Damn it! So what if I sit down in the shower,  its comfortable!  It's like a warm rainfall w/ lots of fragrant soaps and loofah sponges.  The point is that it is OK to Just Be You,  be like Frank  who sings "I did it My Way"  .  There's a champ for yah!


  1. It's what drives us and others mad but what makes us who we are.

  2. Shit! My friends think I'm a freak for wetting my toothbrush before and after I brush my damn teeth...what makes it worse is that I do it with warm water! What the hellls wrong with that!?

  3. Best of luck on taking back up running!

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