Sunday, May 29, 2011

Its a bird, Its a plane, NO....just a boy w/ a bb gun

warm up the strings and take your seats, ode to my mid life crisis is about to begin.

I recently drove past a police officer who looked several years younger than me. What happened!  This younger generation is creeping up on my shizz. I'm glad this officer didn't have reason to pull me over because I think I would've needed to adjust my attitude if this young whipper snapper started busting my chops

I'm hitting the age where I'm going to need to accept that the young Timmy Johanson's  & Sally Turnover's of the world are taking charge, issuing me tickets, managing my politics, checking my prostate. I am going to have to get over the smell of mama's milk and the dirty sandbox fingernails and accept this. Yes sir Timmy, I apologize, you are absolutely correct for pulling me over and issuing me this ticket.... now go away and wash off your kool aid mustache. 

So my prelude to mid life is in full swing, don't worry it will have an intermission, full bar in the lobby and no waiting for the toilet, I've installed plenty of stalls. My mid life symphony will include flutes & piccolos but I'm not going to drown them out with big horns and drums, No. I'm going to highlight them w/ a nice fluttering solo moment and slowly bring in the heavy beat of the timpani.... Boom. My timpani player will have long angel thin white hair, i'll put a wind machine on him to really show off the beautiful conditioned locks.  Boom. Crash of a few cymbals and then lulled w/ a peaceful hush of strings.

 I am confident that  I'll  get through this crisis. In fact I look forward to the day when the whole world is younger than me and I will get to spew out all sorta things like...."I think Blue-tooth headsets are ridiculous". "Ballet is destroying the feet of our children...stop this madness" or "for god sakes people, do grocery stores have to be the size of football fields, bring back the Ma and pop stores!"

Yeah, those sound like some good dayz to look forward to.  
Happiezz Sundayz Everybodiez! 

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  1. bust out the black socks with sandals and fire up the NPR!