Friday, May 20, 2011

shoelaces in my spaghetti

I think my computer is a Redneck. I was writing a snarky comment today, making a generalization when I realized that my computer auto-corrected the word NASCAR for me. WHAT! I immediately paused and drew concern. How does my computer know squat about NASCAR?  It was my impression that computers don't comment on proper nouns like names of people or places. In order to clear this up I conducted a test to see if my computer recognizes more liberal activities like Ru Paul's Drag Race or Randy Jacksons ABDC. (Americas best dance crew).....and the verdict is a big ole  NOPE!  not a clue from this computer. mmmm hmmm!

I am so far removed from the sport of NASCAR, I didn't even know how to spell it.  I think what killz me about this lit'l auto correct situation is that just a night before, I was battling my computer trying to come up with the correct spelling of thorough. Omg, I tried every which way, doing the best I could to sound out the damn word but computer and me were not clicking. I ended up having to ask aaron how to spell it, he rattled it off like the pledge of alligiance, like it was nothing.  I think as we become more and more keyed into our devices we need to become more and more aware of who is plugging the information into them.  We get so attached to our lit'l devices because they make our lives so much easier, they feed us information and lead us to the next best thing. We forget that this information is filtered through the mind of a programmer, some high paid computer programmer making assumptions and creating the agenda on how we maneuver through life.

so my computer knows about NASCAR, ok but it better have my back the next time I try to spell lollopallooza.  Yeah, I thought so... Cause its actually spelled Lollapalooza.  Stupid Redneck Computer! Get Bent!


  1. Get that a lot, even to the point of auto correcting me with bizarre choices and I end up adding words to the dictionary?

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  3. LOL! Yeah, my computer recommends things that turns out not to be the work I'm looking for at all. I'm a new follower from Tuesday Train.