Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To be continued.....

Have you ever watched a television show and when it comes to commercial you realize you are in the wrong demographic. This happens to me all the time, especially when watching golden girls. I find myself watching the good times of blanche, rose, dorothy and sofia, scheming one way or another. These lovely ladies volunteering at the local community center ganging up on rose and relishing in the exploits of blanche devereaux, then Bam! I've got Wilford Brimley riding a horse, askin if I've got diabetes or Alex Trebek trying to sell me a reverse home mortgage.  On my weak days ill consider switchin channels but on those confident "I'm proud as Helz" dayz I'll stick to my guns.  I'm proud of my dysfunctional channel viewing!  Bring on some Sophia, throw in some Housewives and gimme a dash of Supermarket Sweep for kicks; crazed people grabbing wheels of cheese is such a treat.

I absolutely freak when I see those erectile dysfunction commercials, my god.  These comericials always show a loving couple about to crack open a fine wine or having come off a lovely walk through a pine filled woods. 

What! no whack in your tally?  don't worry, take this pill and you'll be golden again.  I'm gonna get a complex just watching this stuff, my personal high tide will be slow to come to sho!

as the late great Nell Carter always said 

Thanks! My jimmy McSuperfly will keep that in mind but meanwhile don't confuse the poor lit'l fella, he's sensitive damn it!


  1. I never thought of that happening but you're right, it's bloody disconcerting.

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