Thursday, May 19, 2011

pardon me, can you please pass the Gsa Gsa

Gaga wears meat. Gaga's in an Egg. Gaga has nuts n berries & a clamshell. What is going on?  do you ever think we will run out of ideas that shock us? 

My absolute favorite musical is Gypsy. There is a song in it called "You Gotta  have a gimmick". This song is sung by a trumpet playing stripper w/ a standing set in a ole Vaudeville theatre. So the idea of snatching your audience is nothing new, it has existed for a long time.  The trumpet has been passed along through the years and now it is Lady Gaga's job to bring it home and by Gawd she's done it again.  This time on the coveted American Idol stage, yes but this time she was discreet and sneaky. It was only later revealed,  that Gaga came out in a platform heal made with crystal manparts in lieu of a traditional 6 in spike. She managed to coach through the 4 contestants w/ Kabuki style make up while shuffling around a piano in dildo boots. What!  Thats awesome! Part of me wishes to thank Gaga for not going to the extreme by strutting around in anything bigger than a 6 incher.  It nice to know that even Gaga has reasonable expectations.

So shock and awe will never die, it is up to us to push the envelop.  Yeah, we can get mad, roll our eyes, but Gaga and those before her are important, they aren't destroying anything. It is necessary that we get pissed, it is important that we get offended. This makes us live, this makes us Move. Rah Rah Gaga. I suggest  for your next move you do a Ghandi / Rainbow Brite mashup, toss in a coat made of Tampons and BAM! your on the way to offending a whole new sea of people.