Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fish who Wish

If I were a genie in a bottle, I'd hope my genie bottle was made of a translucent rose colored glass, if not, I'm afraid I'd be one nasty genie.........stuck there all alone in the dark.

What is the wardrobe for a genie these days? I certainly would not feel comfortable wearing a mid drift top or any of those curly cue shoes. I think I would have to be a plain clothes genie, kinda like an undercover cop blending in with the crowd w/ my bag of genie tricks.

Bag of Genie Tricks:

1. scramble cell phone reception when someone is talking too loud

2. Whistle wind through the tree limbs and play Elton John melodies

3. Reverse the action of everyone's transition eye glass lenses for a day, making them go dark indoors and clear outdoors.

I think I could be a pretty good genie, sure there'd be tricks every now and then but none would be too harmful, just lit'l jokes.... Tee hee hee


  1. Your three Genie-isms sound perfectly fine to me, as i rarely use my cell phone, I could do with a little Elton through the trees, and I don't wear transitions but would love to see those who do go bonkers.

  2. Does the wind take requests? I could use a little more Levon in my life.

  3. Good Genieisms especially the first and second.

  4. She was my hero - which is sad because I remember watching her years later thinking she was a damn airhead. O well. I had a kick-ass genie costume when I was 12. My mother made it and I made sure she paid close attention to detail. It rocked.

    Do you remember the made-for-tv 15 years later movie? I had that on tape. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone. LOL

  5. I think you'd be a fab genie...I'd be down for any type of attire as long as I could grant wishes for myself. Is that asking too much?

  6. I hope I never rub your lamp!!! But I like the scrambling of phones!