Sunday, May 8, 2011

me mutta is butta

my mom birthed me in a way i could never imagine.  i have to applaud all mothers out there for your physical ability to populate this earth, my god. you've all done a magnificient job.

with the pain and brutality of childbirth you'd think women would be fleeing from this function.  i want to personally say thank you for opening up the world to all of us.  we have all been sheparded into this world through the body of a woman, unless you'r a test tube baby and was  carried to term by a they even do that?

we all owe a debt of gratitude to these woman. these women who dedicated a year of her life and watched their bodies expand, their emotions tumble and for many, morning sickness.  This is nausea from no where, not like you've been all night clurbing to the tunes of GaGa, we are talking head in the toilet without drinking.   and the whole not drinking thing.  can you believe that? no smoke, no.caffeine, no shell fish, no racket ball....wait, can this be true?  and the answer is Yes. These women gave up so much, put up w/ many inconveniences in order for all of us to take our first breath. I'm in awe.

my shepard was a woman named melissa.  she was so good at being a mamma she had 5. five raging brats! we flowed into her life as she began her early twenties, about the same stage of life as britney when she was showin her naughty bits getting out of Bentley's and saying things like  "we're country"

my mutta is the bestest mutta

unconditional love is received from her, wow!
i can rob a bank, pour honey on a chimpanzee, tie bricks to the feet of a duck and i'd still get an embrace from good ole mom. 

i luv u mummy, my mommy dearest.

my mother used plastic tubular hangers, do you think joan crawford would be ok with this? 
happy mothers day


  1. Your mom is the best, and you were very lucky. I think she's also very lucky to have a son like you who appreciates her so much.

  2. If only the world would be filled with mothers and sons like this - it would be a more beautiful and somewhat fun place.

  3. WOW! Now if only we could figure out a way for MEN to have children! LOL!!!!

    Your newest follower!

  4. I hope your Mum had a fantastic Mothers' Day.

    Mums do rock.