Monday, May 9, 2011

ring around rosie......or was her name monica?

Is anyone performing Chinese Fire Drills anymore? Its been ages since I've seen or participated in one. I'm guessing the term might be a little dated.  Do the people of China have problems with this term? a term that describes the activity of getting out of ones car at an intersection w/ a red light, running completely around and back into your seat before the light turns green.  I think if China were to actually witness this maneuver they just might understand the attraction, they may even embrace the term and celebrate it.  has anyone tried to rename this wonderful past time in order to preserve relations w/ China, I'd hate to think that this Adult version of musical chairs would be forever gone in the name of political correctness.  i suppose running around you car at an intersection is a tad dangerous, me and some friends did this a few times in higschool, it was such a rush. the perfect mixture of danger, anxiety and innocent bystanders.......hurry hurry hurry! what a thrill.

i need to find an adult version of this charade.  something that involves friends, the innocent public and a timer. those flash mobs are pretty cool, im not much of a dancer but it sure would be fun.....hmmm. I'd like to do a Michael Jackson Thriller flash mob dance, omg how fun!

  i've always thought it would be fun to stage public pranks.  i love when i see these on tv, i remember an episode where a car alarm starts blaring in front of a happening sidewalk cafe.  producers placed the car and planted an actor who flips his lid, gets crazy and proceeds to attack the car physically.  the patrons are shocked and frozen.  i love that stuff, my idea is to plant a happy clown at a festival who gives out free balloons to a park full of children, then i would hire a villain to walk by and pop all the balloons with a 3 foot needle.  i haven't decided how the clown should react.  should i end the scene w the clown crying into his hands OR have the clown retaliate and strangle the villain with the limp balloon strings?  i think in order to respect the children and foster a positive spirit, i will have the clown get pissed and seek revenge.  but who knows what is right and what is wrong.  maybe the clown should just shrug his shoulders and use the moment to sit down and reapply his/her makeup, perhaps a wig change or take the opportunity to brush up on some new miming techniques


  1. LMAOOOOOOOO! You're awful...and I love it! But I won't lie...if the clown pops my kids balloon, the joke will be on him. ;)

    I played the Chinese Fire Drill game a time or two in my day. I quit because the site of me running (with my ginormous boobs) tends to scare children...I don't want to do that...or cause a wreck.

    You're hilarious as always! <3

  2. haha.....ginormous boobs! scaring children and causing wreck, almost like having super powers!

  3. I've never heard of the Chinese Fire Drill before. I'm almost tempted to try it just to confuse the offspring.

  4. Make the villain over the top - too funny, Also, be prepared with ice cream for the insane parents and children.