Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Would a parasol be too much?

Fuhn in the suhn!  I am happy to report that Chicago has seen it's first glimpse of summer and can I tell you "how sweet it is, to be in love w/ you" 

Its as if I've entered a Wonka Land of sorts, surrounded by shimmery sparkling people w/ all their body parts showing.  I don't think I've seen a strangers legs in 6 months.  I feel reborn and dewy, I feel as if my fresh skin is being fanned by the wings of a 1000 angels.  Waking up to sun completely affects my mood, I am a changed man.  Btw the way, I might downgrade my wing flapping angels to 10,  I'm thinking the velocity of 1000 Angels would blow me into next week,  plus all the chatter amongst themselves.  I do better in small groups.

  Beach bag season is catching up to us, get prepared and get those burn creams ready.  My partner aaron is already sporting a facial burn just from sitting on a park bench during a visit to the zoo. Poor guy, but he'll be ok,  he's got a product for everything. You wouldn't believe how many different creams he has. He's got eye cream, face cream, body cream, cuticle cream and a leave in tacky hair cream, but before you Cream up you've got to Clean up, so he's got products that clean, that scour, that remove.  He also has a bottle of face liquid that is referred to as a tonic, I slapped a bit on my face and could swear it was just water.  He assures me it is full of nutrients that stimulate my skin prior to moisturizing.

Body, Soul & Home.  Aaron is just a thorough w/ our home;  he has a cleaning agent for everything. we're talking, Wood cleaner, stove top cleaner, all purpose cleaner, silver cleaner, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, pet stain cleaner, jewelry cleaner, he even has a spray soution designed for artificial plants, I guess to perk em up and make them look lively.  My aaron has a solution for every body/home/life need.  His remedy for facial burn, a cooling yogurt cream.  nice.


  1. I like the sun season, more flesh on show.

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