Monday, May 23, 2011

Stevie Nicks her Finger, whats the fuss about?

I just watched a family of Cartoon Bears try to sell me toilet paper, the toilet paper company is Charmin.   I think the cartoon bears on my television selling me my bum products are effective. This whole family of cartoon bears demonstrating the quality tissue and how it doesn't leave traces behind on their lovable fur, can you imagine if these were live actors trying to drive this same point home, yuck!  I have seen toilet paper commercials with live people but they are usually in lab coats pouring beakers of blue solution onto the paper demonstrating strength and absorbency, for me, I prefer the ass wiping bears.

I think this proves that Cartoons or "graphic characters" aren't just for kids. We adults actually embrace these devices to understand and accept many different situations. Uncle Sam for example, a figure that intimidates and encourages us to join the army. Ronald McDonald, smokey the bear, Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Gecko that sells us motor vehicle insurance.  We love throwing our trust behind these fictional characters. We certainly use Real people also, The Maytag guy, the Verizon dude, who I just found out is a big ole queen---"Heaay Gurl!....Can you hear me Now?"

There's the Marlborough Man who got fired because advertising cigarettes is like selling admission to hell.  I can see why a company would rather put their $ behind a cartoon than a human, people are flawed and one way or another we will figure out a way to screw up. Has a cartoon character ever pissed off the public?  I'm sure Micky has ruffled a few feathers along the way...I know people were a lit'l ticked when he embraced Gay Days at the Disney Park. Yup, gays throwing down in the Magic Kingdom.  Come on, its a perfect match.  How could Mickey resist. We got a Princess w/ a Tiara, a Duck who doesn't wear pants and 7 dwarfs that live together whom all respond to nick names like Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy & Dopey.  Yeah.  I'm thinking its a good fit.  Happy Monday Folks!


  1. Those Charmin bears are good but they have to be that stuff is expensive, a lot of cartoon characters are creepy or weird and never age for a start.

  2. Yeah we have those ads here too, but I have a major gripe with ads and decided that they are just a waste of time, so I trained myself to ignore them. All they do is break into something you are watching on T.V. to annoy you.
    Makes you wonder who sits and makes them up all day.
    On the subject of Charmin, I read that they clog up toilets! If only ALL ads could do that!!!

  3. I haven't seen those ads in a while. Something about my ass sparkling... doesn't make me want to buy those any more.

  4. Happy Tuesday! You crack me up and I prefer the ass wiping bears too haha. Great post. Hoppin' in off the train. Have a great week, new follower :).


  5. Piece of what, I ask? Piece of toilet paper, or piece of bear shite?

  6. Haha I guess I like the bear too.

    I just found your blog through the Follow Me Back Tuesday hop! Can't wait to read more!

    Amanda @

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