Sunday, July 3, 2011

stranded banana in a hammock

I forgot how to spell the word cloud the other day, I spelled it clowd and posted to facebook.  Omgod, it was one of those instant realizations you get once the moment is too late to correct.

my auto-correct must've been on break

I realized the other day the the writing device I was using doesn't wedge itself comfortably behind my ear.  I love storing pens & pencils back behind the ear.  I don't wear eye glasses so I think it adds a little scholarly sportsmanship to my image, plus it is super convenient.  Unfortunately either my ears are growing outward or I am losing head fat because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get that damn pencil to stay put.

Aaron and I are off to the beach today with a bag full of treats and sunblock.  Chicago is absolutely beautiful.  Happy Dayz are herez---Yayz!


  1. Have a good time, like the new look.

  2. Head fat??? The image that conjures up :)) You need to buy bigger pencils.

  3. HA! I forgot how to spell my niece's name the other day. She's 21, you'd think I'd remember after all these years.
    I wonder if brain cells and head fat are connected somehow? I'm off to see if I can still hold a pencil behind my ear. ;)

  4. I have a hefty supply of head fat if you want it. I'll sell it to you cheap. Any takers?

  5. OMG! Why are we not FB friends?!