Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Say Yes!

Aaron and I have neighbors who are trained improv actors.

A happily married 30 something couple with an adorable little girl. We share a back patio w them, terrific people, went as far as to purchase patio furniture that complimented our wrought iron bistro set, keeping the whole look cohesive. They were give the key to our gay lit'l hearts right then & there.

We live in a 9 unit building, during the winter months Aaron and I barely ever see our neighbors, all tucked away nicely in our individual units wrapped up and bundled in wool. When summer months arrive we all come out to play on our back patios, we grill, drink beer and chat it up. It are these moments where we get to learn more about one another.

On one evening aaron and I learned about our neighbors improv background. Improv acting involves getting in front of an audience and just "winging it", you rely on instinct and quick wit, to me this sounds amazingly frightening. To jump on a stage completely bare, no script, with the expectation of humor and razor wit, pulls sweat to my brow in an instant. To hear this couple talk about their craft always holds my attention, I find it fascinating.

I've learned that the # 1 rule in Improv Acting is to always say Yes! If you are working w another actor and they start massaging you with pine cones, then gosh darn it, you love that pine fresh scent. If they suddenly become a Dominatrix swinging an imaginary whip & chain,  then prepare to Man Up and welcome the sex beating you are about to endure.

I like the Never say No always Yes method, I think life could use a bit more of this mentality,

Hey Randy, I've got this buddy w/ a 1992 Camaro that needs some work, will you help me fix it and make it rumble again?
Why, Yes! 

Hey Trudy, this nacho plate was delicious, thank you, however milk products make my stomach turn into knots, can you run to the store and get me some Lactose pills.

Why, Yes!

Rebeka, does this tube top make me look fat?

Why, Yes!

I'm not say we all should turn into Yes men, but I think we could all use a lesson of living in the affirmative a little bit more. Too many NO knee jerk reactions out there. 

Flip the grin & reverse it, Negative Nellies to Positive Pollies Yo!


  1. Bwhahahaha! Loves it!

    Todd, I can totally see you being phenomenal at Improv. You should check into that.

    I'm a yes woman myself...I agree, the world could take a page from your neighbors book!

  2. Check out Theatre undreground (yes, they spell it weird) - it is based in richmond and they do a lot of improve and work with second city a lot as well. It is a production company run by Tim Mosbach and David Baker - the latter I am sure you know from HS and also my brother.

  3. I'm more of an Undecided Ursula.

  4. True dat. Sorry that was me acting. Yes I think we all need to be a bit braver sometimes and just say yes. And by we, I mean me. And they made sure their patio furniture complemented your bistro set? *sigh* that's heavenly.