Monday, July 4, 2011

north south east west? I need somewherz to sit!

after spending the weekend living out of my wallet and a cooler, I'm thinkin life as a nomad might be pretty rad.

if I needed something to drink, BAM! I went for a btl of water. If I needed a snack, BAM! I grabbed some mixed nuts. If  I needed a new scene, ADIOS! I'm motoring onward, get me to a Disco.

It is refreshing to travel light and not carry all your burden w/ you throughout your day.  Just you, close friends and a cute outfit. Table hopping from brunch to mid day shot and finishing off w/ a patio dinner.  I feel as if I got a taste of Golden Girl life this past weekend, the only thing missing were a set of shoulder pads and a sweeping palmetto print curtain dress, I could probably rock out a pretty dope Bea Arthur look.

As much as I love the free spirit of drifting through my day, home is sweet and whatever daily grind I need to sink my teeth into in order to make it possible is worth it.  Back to work I go, hopefully the tune I am whistling this week is in tune, I was a little flat last week.


  1. We all would like to be nomads for a while but just for a while.

  2. Me, my close friends and a cute outfit.

    Sounds pretty good to me Todd (just for a while ...)

  3. Thanks for finding my blog! I'm a new follower and love your blog so far (I've only read the first couple of posts since I'm at work). I can't wait to dive into more posts :)

  4. Following you over from Follow me back Tuesday! Hope you have a chance to stop by!