Friday, July 1, 2011

Screamin Eagulzzz

"I am gettin too hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off"  Nelly 2002

"I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head, to my feet yeah" Def Leppard 1987
"Summertime and the livin' is easy" Gershwin/Porgy & Bess 1935

Oohhh, scorcher in Chicago --- predicted to hit 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Ouch! Aaron is outta town and has left me to care for the garden project and our 2 lovable Yorkies Samson & Baxter.

Samson hates this weather, I can't believe how long his tongue gets on days like these, it seems to drag along the ground as he shuffles along. I'm so glad human tongues don't fall out of our mouths when we get hot, we just sweat, stink and moan.

I like the idea that warm weather slows us down a bit, let's us appreciate those people and things around us at a different speed.

55F degree day:

Thanks Tanya for the cream pie you left on my doorstep, I was almost knee deep in it as I was leavin for work. Your a peach...we'll talk. (Hand sign for cell phone)

100F degree day

Tanya....... omgod Tanya. I fell face first into you cream pie today. Its the heat gurl...... Omgod. I opened up my screen door........ and I just collapsed right there....... right then. ahhhhh...Your cream pie saved my life!

I need a friend named Tanya!

I am going to stay cool today by drinking plenty of fluids and by fluids I mean 6 miller lites. My faithful dogs and a garden hose will be at my side as I deliver a river of hose water to our newly planted bushes. I may whistle and bob my head, spray the dogs or try to make a rainbow by spraying water into the sun, but gosh darn it, I'm keepin it slow, steady and efficient. Maybe ill write a modern version of a streetcar name desire

It was hot, so damned hot and all I've got left to hold is this sticky limp garden hose.


  1. Every gay boy needs a friend named Tanya!

  2. Naked in the Rain - Blue Pearl

    I need to get knee deep in cream pie every now and then.

  3. I have two friends named Tanya -- I can share one -- but she is borrows clothes and never returns them -- just a head's up!

  4. How bout a friend named Tonja? lol It's pretty damn hot here too, 96 degrees for 5 days straight...

  5. Hey, could you send some of that heat towards England (and a cream pie while you're at it)? I am currently under a cloud with holes in it, and not very happy about it at all...

    Thanks for stopping by MM :)