Friday, July 22, 2011

Taboo Tabouli

I'm am inventing a new swear word today and it isn't one of those softy swear words like damn or piss, this is going to take down the grand daddy of all cuss words

This is a 2 syllable word but it needs to roll out the mouth like it were just one,  It begins with a french sounding J. Jcha. Jchaa. French is sucha a beautiful language, romantic. I bought the Californian $9/btl Clos du Bois Chardonnay for awhile just cause it made me feel fancy, so with that said, give the word a try and just say it..........Jinick!    Yeah, feels good doesn't it?

Don't forget now, this word is volatile, do not use this word freely and comfortably, this should send a shiver down your spine, this should stop cocktail conversation, people should be fired, old women should drop dead upon hearing this word. Come on people, let's really make this work...this is serious!



I was out to dinner with a friend, you know the usual small talk and light banter when a fella from the back yells:

"jinick my brain and jinick on my stomach you foul drag bag! I wouldn't jinick your mother if she had the last jinick on earth!"

Im sayin whoa, who jinicked in this guys cereal?

nice huh? its versatile, covers all the bases. I'm sorry to add an additional naughty word to the lexicon but I feel it is time, the ones today have lost some energy and we are way to casual with em, so everybody needs to fawking relax and put their choda bruising minds back into the shittay gutter, cause we got a new tune to whistle. 

 Go get jinicked, will yah!


  1. Thank god for a new curse word.
    I have run through all the others, back and forth, and back again, and needed something new.

    Today at work, me to my boss: Jinick off, you jinicking gasbag.

    I feel better already.

  2. Thanks Todd, I need a new swear word today, this is perfect!

  3. What a great blog you have. I'm a current follower, but I had some time today to do some real reading here. You're great. I'm going to subscribe.

    I stopped by from FYF this morning. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Love it! So going to have to use it very soon. In fact I have good use for it

    Jinick the jinicking realtors in Louisiana who can't set up a jinicking website sight for rentals to save their jinicking lives.

    Stopping by for FYF, have a great weekend.