Friday, July 8, 2011

Who invited Sybil?

If introduced, I bet morning me would be completely annoyed with evening me.

630 AM:  alarm has done its deed and I find myself planning my day.  "Work, come home, walk dogs and head to the beach. Won't that be lovely?"
630 PM:  house keys hit the counter, dogs barking and my shirt and tie thrown on the bed. "Screw the beach, let's get these dogs outside so I can come back and sit on my arse!"

Throughout my day I think I am a combination of 3 to 4 different people; I have a whole quorum of opinions and ideas that I need to consult before making big decisions.

Bambi & Charles:
"Are you going to be joining us on our beach vacation this year, tons of fun? We've signed up for Hula lessons."


"Let me sleep on it, I've got to consult with morning self, he's the stick in the mud, plus I think he would absolutely Hate the Hula."

Fortunately there are some consistent themes throughout my day:


Yeah, I'll take a large coffee please....BLACK! No cream. No, I don't want a doughnut! Just give me the Damn coffee

Afternoon ME:

Uhhh, can I have a veggie wrap please, no mayo , no cheese, load it with peppers, and forget the black olives.  NO!  I WANT the wrap, I just said to forget the OLIVES. Jesus Help me

 Why am I obsessed with these veggie nuggets?  Dunk em in BBQ sauce and I am swimmin laps in heaven. Hey Jesus! Wanna play Marco Polo?

I bet Jesus and his walking on water skills could probs play a mean game of Marco Polo.  


  1. I think I have multiple personalities too! Don't all the greats share this trait?

  2. Anyone whose AM self likes their PM self is likely a robot.

  3. It's the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.