Monday, July 11, 2011

I've got glitter on my Swagger

"I wear my sunglasses at night.... I turn to her and say:
Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades
oh no.
Don't masquerade with the guy in shades
oh no
I can't believe it!
You got it made with the guy in shades
oh no."
Corey Heart 1984

You have to be pretty rad to get away with wearing your shades past twilight.

Now that the weekend is over, I will be putting my shades away in the drawer. For some reason I feel like the biggest douche-bag wearing sunglasses during my normal workweek schedule. I have no idea why

There are some out there that wear shades all the time, blind people, people with bonk eyes, Cee Lo Green, Bono. They are all cool, I don't have a single prob with them

I guess we all have our security blankets, something that each of us holds onto in order to add comfort to our day. Ie. Cell phones, I pods, books, cigarettes, coffee cups, soduko

When I am behind a pair of shaded frames my mood is relaxed and unfocused. Eye contact with others becomes less important as I am free to scan around while I listen and converse.  Easy breezy however, when life gets real and we needz to get eye to eye on a subject, frames come off and we are lookin into each others soulz.  Realz!

I am currently sporting a pair of Aviator frames w/ lenses that have a graduated tint going from deep brown to clear. I feel very 70's in them. Foxy Brown meets Pee Wee.  Happy Monday!


  1. that was a fun read... i love aviator sunglasses!

  2. oh yeah, where can I find a larger version of the top picture? it's awesome :)

  3. I'm mostly the sunglass-wearing-driver. I don't wear 'em just walking around like regular folk.
    But, last Saturday, Carlos and I went for a drink at our favorite watering hole, and there was--at the bar--a bald guy, with a pony-tail, working on his laptop, wearing sunglasses.
    He was a living breathing cliche.
    i loved it!

  4. Jack Higgins the author once said people who wear shades in the dark are either very dumb or very tough.

  5. oh it truly IS all about the shades...

  6. I love my sunglasses! As Jack Nicholson said:

    With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60. (although, obviously I'm not but you get my drift ...........)

  7. Lovez!

    I have about 25 pairs of shades. They make me feel bulletproof. I think you should wear yours all week because you don't even possess the douchebaggery potential! Happy Monday TC! xo

  8. I'm not gonna lie, I would be terrified if Foxy Brown met Pee Wee Herman.