Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darth Vader and the Dark Side of the Moon

Most of my week I've been standing in the shade of gray. 

I am a black or white guy, I don't like to add too much contention to my choices. 

  • If yah can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
  • Shape up or Ship Out.
  • When in Rome, wear a toga. (is it like kilts where you don't wear undies?)

When it comes to decision making, I like the ones that require logic, not finesse and guess work. If a house is on fire, I'm going make the decision to get the hell out of there. If the flotation device I bought for my dog Samson is frayed and torn, I will go out and buy a new one before I throw him into a lake.

Its those murky decisions that require a gut check and a lucky break that drive me nutz. like when choosing a baby name or buying a car or home, you are never sure if the choice you make is really the best choice, you just have to live with the outcome and assume it was meant to be. Uggh

Four years ago I was faced with a decision that I really struggled with. Our neighbors had a pack of dogs that occupied the unit below us, they were a couple of Ginas also, so aaron and I friended them fairly quickly. Over the course of time they suggested we get a playmate for our ole Yorkshire Samson and that they had a litter of baby Yorkies for us to pick from. Aaron and I who are completely susceptible to impulse shopping knodded yes in unison and asked that they bring us the litter.

Presentation of the Yorkie buffet ended up happening on a late afternoon when aaron wasn't home. Our neighbor presented me with 2 adorable teeny yorkies and said take your pick. Ahhhh went my inside voice as I started to scramble for a decision. How the hell am I supposed to choose? I got aaron on the phone and he said he trusted me and that I would make the right decision but I felt like Meryl Streep in Sophies choice, I had no idea

I ended up choosing our dear obsessive compulsive barking Baxter and have had no regrets, but I imagine life could have been equally as pleasant w/ the other canine, we could have named him "louie". Fortunately for me, I wasn't truly making a Sophie's choice, in that movie Sophie needed to choose which child would live and which child to send off, to face certain death.

The shade of gray I currently find myself standing in has forced a choice on me, a choice that stings either way I pull it. I don't even have the option of going straight, I've reached a dead end and need to decide whether I turn left or right.Turn right, I hurt someone, turn left I hurt another. I wish I could duck and cover but all eyes are on me right now.  I guess I need to just rip the band aid off and jump into the pool, relief and life will follow shortly afterward.  

Happiez Dayz Folks..........If you see a lemonade stand, think about dropping a dollar in the kiddo's bucket, they will be beside themselves, but don't drink the lemonade, the kid probably stirred it up w/ their hand.


  1. The choice has to be one that is true to you even if it hurts another. Incidentally, definitely no underwapear under togas!

  2. The worst kind of decision, I don't envy you. No advice really, I'm sure you'll get it right.

  3. I agree with Juliette.
    Pick the best one, and hope the hurt isn't too bad.

    And, um, what's this "underwear"?

  4. I still think you should have chosen the quiet Yorkie. The other one is going to tear your rug to pieces and disrupt your beauty sleep. And I'm going to say, "i told you so."