Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stick a Fork in me!

I've been selling encased meat to a hodgepodge of Hipster's for the past 12 hrs, Day 1 of 3 now complete.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2011 Chicago is underway featuring many of today's hip acts ie. Neko Case, James Blake, Cut Copy and a whole slew of bands I've never heard of.

I am operating a small 10 x 20 food booth.

On the menu:

Brats w/ sauerkraut. $5

Farmers Market Veggie Wrap. $5

Pretzel w/ Beer Cheese. $3

Apple strudel w/ ice cream. $3

The festival draws a 18 to 45 demographic. Lots of gals carrying around hula hoops, frolicking in sun dresses. Dudes wearing Ray Bans and sporting manicured grizzly beards. A millennium twist on a 60's love in that puts an emphasis on recycling and living with a "green" consciousness.

2 more days to go, as a self check to determine my mental health status, I will write a few words that come to mind.

  • Happy
  • Beer
  • Hairy
  • Sunshine
  • Music

This sounds sane to me, I m good!

A highlight of the afternoon was hearing Neko Case during her sound check doing a Robert Palmer parody

"Might as well face it you're addicted to drugs, Might as well face it you're addicted to drugs"

I was sad when I heard Robert Palmer died, that whole mannequin girl guitar backdrop thang he did was fantastic.

Onward to Day #2, Chicago will be hitting highs of 97 degrees & I will have an outdoor perspective of the entire day. Me amongst a sea of intellectual 20 somethings who mismatch clothes and express their identity with an awkwardly placed accessory & mixing fashion eras, for instance, a Jackie O handbag w/ a Xanadu jumpsuit. I'm telling you, its absolutely amazing. 



  1. You make the festival sound like so much fun! Save me some ice cream btw haha

  2. I just finished breakfast but now, for some reason, I want a pretzel and a beer.

  3. "the next time you say forever, I will punch you in your face" - best line I heard last year and it sticks. Love Neko Case.

  4. there are definitely some perks to working in your "industry"

    i for one though am actually a music festival virgin, im still waiting for the right woman to pop that cherry for me

  5. You need to print that up on shirts: Happy Beer Hairy Sunshine Music. They would sell like hotcakes.

  6. Oh my -- what is *beer cheese*!?!?! Sounds enchanting....