Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diet Teid Regular Raluger

I've been drinking Diet Coke recently, trying to avoid refined sugar in my daily intake. I've picked up somewherez that it is worse than crack and it will kill me, so with a grain of salt I heeded this message.

Its been quite a process, I ditched the sugar fairies back in October and managed to fight them off throughout the holidays but they are a conniving sort and have managed to wiggle themselves back into my stomach through items like bbq sauce, bread and the occasional margarita. Damn those Bitches!

In lieu of an afternoon snack, I've been going across the street to pick up a btl of Diet Coke. They've complimented the purchase with an online point tracking system called My Coke Rewards, I guess if I guzzle down enough of this stuff I will win a free Corvette or something. This got me thinking, is Diet Coke better or worse than Regular Coke?  GOOGLE TIME!

Yeah, advice is all over the place with the only logical conclusion being I should just drink Boring Ole water, yeah yeah yeah. But after rummaging through postings and different sites I stumbled across a site that lists all the non traditional uses of Coke, I encourage you to check it out, some report that cops use coke to wash away blood stains from highway accidents. Yikes!  I've listed my favorite below, Enjoy!

this was found on the Barefoot Lass website: see below:

"Get a Tan?: Velma from Milwaukee writes; "I was in Mexico a couple of years ago and a lady saw me tanning outside the hotel and I just couldn't tan, she then said, " want a great tan"? Of course, " I said". She said buy some Coke, not diet coke, cherry coke or generic, just plain Coke and apply it over skin. Believe me, I did, and laid out for a while, I got up, and I had the best tan ever. It lasted for about 6-7 months. So, now I do it here in Milwaukee when it gets hot, I even use the coke in the tanning machines and it really works. And, no, bugs will not eat you. The coke dries in your skin and then your skin is silky. This is the best tanning lotion I have ever used." Thanks Velma! I can't wait to try this out myself!"

Coke Up Everybody!  


  1. How could anyone spread it on their skin without spilling it everywhere? Maybe she is using the syrup?

    Great. Now I'll be researching this all day. Over a nice bottle of Diet Coke.

  2. Diet Coke is arse gravy, Coke Zero if you must but the addiction beckons.

  3. Well, you try it first and let us know 'cause I'm not sure I believe the bit about the bugs not eating you!

  4. OK, yes, Coke!!
    And also, that last pic made my morning - for real.
    Too funny ;)

  5. I cannot deal with diet soda....Ugh. I feel like I'm being cheated...but if you can hook up a Corvette, I swear I'll convert.

    The Coke tan has me intrigued. Off to the store!

  6. A coke tan?? I live in a Jersey Shore'esque world where women take tanning to the extreme and I have never heard of this???

  7. I always use Coke to clean up my crime scenes.