Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spf 35 or Abv 8.5

I was sloppy with my sunscreen this past weekend, I now have a Mikhail Gorbachev head spot on my chest

Aaron and I spent some quality time at the beach this past weekend. Doning our Bermuda shorts while toting a bag with Hawaiian towels, sunscreen and a btl of a $4.95 Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc.

Since the sun was blazing off the screen of my cell phone it was rendered useless and my entertainment value came from the people and sights around me.

"Run forest, ruhnnnn!" Forest Gump 1994

Said a twenty something gal amongst a group of similar lads and lasses next to us. I love a classic movie reference.

"I grabbed the biggest margarita glass, poured 2 beers and drank, pour 2 beers and drank.....I was so wasted!" same girl, probably currently drunk

Eavesdropping on this group of Beach Blanket Madness reminded me of a older lesbian dog walker I happened to over hear talking on her cell phone outside my building.

"I wasn't having a meltdown!  I was Pissed!!"

I have no idea what or who she was talking to but she has a point, there is a difference; either way I thought this statement was hilarious.

Btw. America needs to take some beach attire notes from our European friends. Men's bathing trunks are too large, come on, can we agree to wear Speedoes or at least a small box trunk. Seems to me women's suits have been getting smaller while men's shorts have only gotten larger. This goes for basketball players also.......Stop it! Stop it!


  1. "Run forest, ruhnnnn!" Forest Gump 1994 - great one :)

  2. "I wasn't having a meltdown! I was Pissed!!"

    That sounds like me, though i have never been accused of being a Lesbian dog-walker.
    At least not to my face!

  3. I 1000% agree on men's bathing suits -- enough already!!! I swear my teenage sons wear capri pants to the pool...
    *shakes head*

  4. you really don't want to see me in a speedo. Naked? yes - speedo - no.

  5. I wear nothing when I swim. Feels great!

  6. ummmm, so this is my sick minds thinking.

    I don't like to see a man in a speedo. It just grosses me out. Now, on the other hand, if said speedo had a hard member in it, I might like it a little bit more. :)

  7. ah you got off lightly. last summer, my neice gave the whole family lice, so in my defense i shaved my head. problem solved.

    And then... EVERY FUCKING TIME i went outside i got sunburn on my head. not cool.

  8. also, just realized i havent followed you yet! omg, i better fix that :P

  9. My friends like it, wait for next post.


    .....Fantastic. I'm always hoping for wardrobe malfunctions.