Monday, July 18, 2011

Look into my EyeZ

Transition lenses fascinate me, but what if they start to tint up while you are in the midst a heart to heart and your convo partner is unable to give you proper eye contact? Do you interrupt and ask to stand in the shade?

I do not wear glasses and have anxiety when I put on shades, I'm very sensitive to eye contact.

Transition lenses are an amazing technology, they must be from outer space because they don't appear to be of this planet. One moment you have a normal pair of glasses and then boom! Sun comes out and your irises are comforted as the lenses turn black to protect from UV light. Truly amazing

I think the flaws of this product in the past was the amount of time the lenses needed in order to fully transition. In order to switch the lenses from clear to black you would basically have to stare directly into the sun
"Arghhhh, my eyes!!! They are burning....(Wait, wait). Ok, my tint is on, I'm good."

The cool down transition was an equal problem, people coming in from the sun attempting normal indoor activies looking like Stevie Wonder. The individual would basically need to shut themselves in the coat closet for 5 mins in order for indoor clarity to arrive.

I'm sure the product has improved but knowing myself, if the change wasn't like a flip of a switch, all I'd be doing is obsessing. They say I'm part of the X generation but sometimes I think I'm really part of the, 'I haven't got all minute' Generation

Day 3 of 3.. Pitchfork Music Festival 2011 Chicago is Ova! its been fun and I am exhausted. I am so thrilled with myself that I decided to take today off, I'll be the dude on the beach desperately trying to get sand off my towel and walking into the water up to my wang every 1/2 hour for pee breaks. Happy Beaching!


  1. i barely missd the transition lens fad. it came just before i got my contacts. also, i envy you with regards to that music festival

  2. the I haven't got all minute generation is much more apt.
    My transition lenses do not darken so much that my eyes cannot be detected and once inside they lighten quickly - I could only be so lucky to look like stevie wonder.