Wednesday, July 6, 2011

foot prints

"Why, when I have needed you most, you have not been there for me?"
"The Lord replied......the times where you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you." 

Man..... bet that guy sure felt like an ass

I think I have finally put the puzzle pieces together as to why Jesus was always having his feet washed.

I was in a pair of flip floppers all weekend, going to the store, going to eat, the beach etc. By the end of the day it looked as if I'd been howling at the moon & dancing on coals, my feet were ridiculous!

Normally my feet are adorned in a leather upper and slip resistant rubber soles that protect from street filth and vermin. My daily foot washing routine mainly consists of Regan's tickle down theory, whatever soap I use to wash my pits will eventually get the job done down below. Note to reader: choose wisely, some parts require additional attention, the theory does have its flaws.

After wearing sandals. My shower routine was turned on its end when I noticed black foot prints on the shower floor, WHAT?  My attention immediately turned to my feet. I found myself grabbing the bar of soap lathering up and getting all the junk out from between my toes, those Iit'l digits haven't seen that kind of attention since my mother played this lit'l piggy with em.

So its no wonder Jesus was always gettin a good scrub down, he needed it! As did a lot of sandal wearing folk back then. My guess is if Jesus was walking round today he would stray from the leather sandal and pick a different foot wear option, yeah he'd probably own a pair of sandals for those backyard moments but on a whole I'd think he'd opt for a traditional sneaker.  perhaps Toms shoes or hell, maybe a pair of Reebok cross trainers, comfort is certainly King.


  1. You'd think he would have invented shoes.

  2. As a guy who wears nothing but flip flops, I completely sympathize. Downtown they have shoe shiners, but where are the feet washers? I bet they could make a killing in the hippie area of town.

  3. I think Jesus would rock Birkenstocks...just saying.

    I also love the flip flops...but they play hell on the tootsies. I always wash my feet last. Not that this makes any kind of sense because I use the same loofah the next day...hence my feet wash my ass...

    Thanks you've got me worried about catching athlete's foot on my vajay!

  4. I can't say I have ever thought too much about Jesus's foot washing habit. Now I know. Too much sandal wearing! Thanks for Rewinding x
    PS: I agree. Jesus would definitely be a Birko wearer. Either those or some FiveFingers!