Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Fill Me Up, You Light My Fire

I'm going to incorporate more skipping into my life, I'm hoping it will add a little levity to the days hard pressing issues.

"Rhonda!  this dress code is nutz, I look terrible in red!"   
 " Toby, you need to relax, go for a freakin skip will yah!"

I was also thinking bout painting Hummel figurines as a peaceful mind meditating activity. My pal Angry Lurker has an impressive collection of painted battle figures along w/ a mind full of facts you could fill a doctoral thesis with. Check him out, its like free higher education with no tests.  Love it!

lemme teach ya something!

My third idea is to go to the park with a sack of bread crumbs while donning a pair of Harry Carry glasses to feed some birds. I'd buy a bag of day old bagels and rip em up to pieces, liberally tossing the bits all around in hopes of gathering a massive collection of pigeons. Hundreds upon Hundreds of bagel lovin birdies with me in the middle,  I'd have to wear a light parka, lotsa birdie poo flying around, I'd leave looking like a Jackson Pollock painting, but damn it! I'd sure be relaxed.

Yespz!  Skipping, Hummels and Birdies. All terrific ways to add texture to the day. Screw workin for the weekend, ill take my moment today.



  1. Skipping is fun. Every so often i'll do it just to embarrass Carlos!

  2. When I need to relax I will either go to a shooting range, ride my M/cycle or nap - sometimes all three but never at the same time.

  3. Come on -- Hummels are creepy!

  4. well kudos to you if you fill your day with more skipping, its great exercise but nobody does it for fear of looking like a lunatic