Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Riding in the desert on a horse?

Picture of Horse

note from author: my apologies, my picture editor is bonkers--we will all have to use Imagination!

Most Butterflies only live 1 month, however some tropical species live up to 9.  A flash in the Pan! A mere morsel of time for such a darling beautiful creature, makes you wonder why they are even here in the first place.

In the beginning they start out as a slug like worm, they squirm around dodging bird beaks and insect eating creatures. When the moment is right, they spin themselves into a wigwam of saliva excretion and camp out as their wiggly bodies grow antennas and a colorful set of wings.

Amazing transformation these lit'l ones experience. They go from insignificant larvae worm to a fluttering butterfly that brings joy to people of all ages. They certainly stop me dead in my tracks

"Damn it, will you please put a god#+n coaster under neath your....hold on, is that a butterfly?  Ahhhh so beautiful, so peaceful........wait a minute! Why the hell is a butterfly in my house, why is my world falling apart!!! Why me!  Why me! Why me!"

We have a butterfly garden here in Chicago, I imagine they are located in other cities. They are certainly popular. Its an indoor park w benches, plants, trees and streams. Utopia. I don't know how they do it, but there are butterflies in every direction. Black, gold, red, purple, yellow. Fun fancy insects that you don't mind landing on you. Upon entering and leaving the room you must pass through a air chamber that blows you down so the butterflies don't escape.

Cute Butterfly picture, you'd love it

"Hey Barney, can you make sure you give this family of 5 a proper blow down.  They've been eatin lotsa lollipops"

What is the purpose of butterflies? Where in the food chain do they fit in? What horrible creature eats these majestic beauties? a evil doer of some sort I'm certain.

And Why do we call them butterflies?  couldn't we name em Flapperdoos or Ting Ting bugs, where did the Butter portion come from? Probably a Latin word like Buttress Excapaladocious. can't fault English, it's a living, breathing language that is constantly changing, guess we need to roll with it. Pretty soon our standard greeting of "how yah doing?" will simplify to just "Doing?" I would prefer the Native American expression "Hau".  I enjoy the Indian philosophies, one with earth, no waste, war paint & peace pipes, Geronimo! I say give em back the land. Let them run the country, hell! I'll join em by building a Tee Pee and living amongst nature and all the Ting Ting Bugs.

Mr. Genonimo w/ a Gun, so handsome


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  1. I think that from now on I will be calling them Flapperdoos.
    It's kinda poetic, like a butterf....flapperdoo.