Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoo fly into a glue board

Aaron has adopted a retro 80's  prep look for the summer. He bought pastel shorts, light weight sweaters and finished them off with a pair of plaid Ralph Lauren boat shoes. He's looking very dapper, light and summery.

He also bought a couple of pairs of Tom's shoes, the company who provides a pair a shoes for every pair sold to a child in need. Originally the company offered a simple slip on, kind of like the ones worn in the Disney animated feature Aladdin. Aaron opted for their new offering, a full lace up w/ rubber sole.

I caught a whiff of these suckers fresh out of the box, I was in heaven. That new glue scent screamed through my nasal passage like an adrenaline rush. I kept huffing that new glue sensation over and over until aaron walked back into the room, preventing an explanation of why I had his new shoes up my nose.

I imagine it is similar to that new car scent people all rave about, I absolutely love new car smell. My local car wash facility offers a few spritz of new car smell for a $1. I tried it but realized its not the same. Bummer

Am I a Junkie!?  There are several scents out there that I am beginning to enjoy as mid life gets a strangle hold of me. Skunk, gasoline, the under belly of a goat. Its crazy how my scent tastes have changed since I was a kid

I've been told that my nose and ears will continue to grow as I get older, perhaps that's the reason for my ever expanding appreciation of odor. Hopefully before retirement age I will be able to appreciated the odors I come across on my morning commute, this public transit scene I endure every morning smells like the wrong end of a Rhino.


  1. I remember my Miami Vice Don Johnson phase.

  2. Luckily I skipped--and will continue to skip--any trend that requires pastels.

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  4. The new hospital smell might be my favorite - the chicken farm smell is possibly my least favorite. Having olfactory hallucinations makes life a little more interesting at times and at other times a lot more displeasing. Having to leave a pleasant smelling room because of the fetid scent of the morgue creeps up in only my nose is often hard to explain. I am told that this might be a side affect of temporal lobe epilepsy - which should mean it is temporary or did I fall asleep in that class too?

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  6. Love the thought of you being caught sniffing someones shoes (best NOT to try and explain!). I was once caught with my head in an ex boyfriends bathroom cupboard. The explanation that the Pears soap he used reminded me of my grandmother was, I think, in part the reason for the split soon after.

  7. I totally saw you with your nose in Aaron's new shoes while I was reading it. I wish he would have walked in on you. Tee hee hee

  8. When I bought my last new car I tried to keep the doors closed as much as possible - so the new car smell wouldn't leak out ;-)

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