Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Mia!

check out this grip!

Soul Daddy. Gym daddy, Daddy Long Legs, Father Time, Daddy Warbucks, Sugar Daddies, Big Daddy Kane

For all those Baby Daddies out there ,on this Fathers Day we Salute You---

My dad taught me many valuable lessons to guide my on life path

  1. If its too good to be true, it probably is
  2. if you need to remove a bush from the yard, simply wrap a chain around the base, attach to the back of your van, then pedal to the metal
  3. who needs a robe, we're family

Today lots of dad's are being showered w/ typical dad gift. ie. Golf tee's, tie racks, home brew kits and bacon of the month subscriptions. Tough guy gifts.

My father will receive a phone call w/ my tender voice issuing statements like.

"Yeah, my dog Samson is limping like a horror movie victim and Aaron is debating a new color for the kitchen, have you tried tapioca recently? I've hated the stuff since I was a kid, maybe I should give it another go"

Who's your Daddy

Yeah, quality convo for a quality dad.  Happy Dad Day!


  1. Happy Fathers to the ones whose Dads are still alive.

  2. hahaha. I love that. My kids think I'm weird on the phone. what would they think if I said that.