Saturday, June 4, 2011

worms, holes & a sore back

Katy Perry --- Doing the Dig

My holes have been dug, just waiting on a couple bushes.

The garden project is at an exciting stage right now. Aaron and I dug up 7 large holes in front of our condo building last weekend and today is the day we expect delivery of 2 trees and 5 bushes. I'm hoping I can treat my tree delivery personnel like movers and have them match each bush with its appropriate hole, sounds easy enough but I'm sure we'll run into a few snags, a lit'l performance anxiety may come into play

Delivery is scheduled between 12p and 5p, so I imagine it'll be me and a few neighbors leaning up against shovels waiting for the truck. My plan is to soak up some sun and pass the time with beer and  burritos. It feels so good to be outside with the neighbors, great bonding with the folks we share floor and wall space with. This garden project has been in the works for sometime and has gone through rounds of debate amongst the condo dwellers but we've eventually reached an agreement. I am really happy. 

In order to maintain these shrubs and bushes we've bought a soaker hose, essentially a flat hose that slowly leaks water into the ground. I'm told that with new plantings you really need to water the crud out of them, completely drench em. So we've bought a soaker hose, some edging and a few heaps of mulch to spread around. Hoping these trees get delivered closer to 12 rather than 5, my gawd. My beer burrito levels will be outta wack if I'm out there waiting too long. 

Happy weekend ya'll, my suggestion is to go out & dig a hole, I felt  an immediate connection to mother earth, an earth that I too frequently take for granted. Of course when your done, put something in the hole, a wide open hole can be dangerous. 


  1. more power to you. I can't stand getting my hands dirty. Thank goodness my husband is good with mother earth.

    At least you will have plenty of "gas" to keep you going. :)

  2. Yeah gardening good fun. especially when you have friends and beers to help you along.

  3. I used to dig holes in my childhood...

  4. I think you are better than most mmmm

  5. As a wee gay lad, I loathed any and all yard work.
    Now I'm a whore for it.

    Times does change, y'all.

  6. What a great way to connect with the earth and your neighbours. And beer and burritos sound magnificent. Happy weekend Todd. :)

  7. Awesome! I love when new tress go in the ground, i am a bit of a tree hugger i guess... Picks of the finished product?