Tuesday, June 28, 2011

salt n pepa

Pump up the jam
Pump it up
While your feet are stompin'
And the jam is pumpin'
Look at here the crowd is jumpin'
Salt N Pepa 1989

Salt and pepper the spice of life. Found on every table, every diner, every restaurant. These 2 spices are like Bert & Ernie, Lavern & Shirley, Smokey & The Bandit, Hansel & Gretel. You can't separate em, hand in hand like a pair of old lovers. 

How did these two hook up?  Was this a conscious decision or was it just happenstance. What if there was a 3rd table spice out there that could have just as easily fit into our daily habits?   perhaps all spice, thyme, dried basil, maybe Cumin or even cinnamon. I think we tend to pair things up out of convenience. It would be such a chore to holler across the table to ask for 3 seasonings.

"Hey, would you mind passing the salt N pepper N paprika.   I said paprika..... Paprika, you douche bag!  Just pass it already, my chop is gettin cold!!".

the minimum sodium requirement is about 1,500 milligrams (mg) of sodium each day. This is less than 1 teaspoon of table salt. The maximum recommended level of sodium intake is 2,300 mg per day. On average, American men consume between 3,100 and 4,700 mg of sodium per day, while women consume between 2,300 and 3,100 mg -----J. Anderson, L. Young, E. Long and S. Prior--Colorado State University

It is crucial that we have salt in our systems or else we will die. A boy o boy, did mother earth give us a bunch of the stuff.

In the United States there are an estimated 55 trillion metric tons. Since the world uses 240 million tons of salt a year, U.S. reserves alone could sustain our needs for 100,000 years. Si-Salt Institute

So you will never hear anyone talk of the great salt depression, or the price of salt going up.  Pass the salt, throw some over your shoulder and use sparingly, just a teaspoon a day.  THAT'S IT FOLKS! one measly teaspoon.  



  1. Spinarella hit it up one time! hahaha
    I'm trying so hard to reduce the shit - I use to put it on everything.
    Plus, I went to see Salt n' Pepa in concert - they killed! lol

  2. I come from a family of salt whores who could single handedly put the nation in a Great Salt Depression. Seriously -- they created my pet peeve of people who salt their food BEFORE even tasting it.

    The only thing I like salty is popcorn -- as The Powers That Be intended!

  3. I try to use any and every other spice to flavor foods and stay away from salt.
    Plus, since salt is in almost everything, anyway, why add it.
    Pass the cayenne, please.

  4. Can't stand pepper but I too am a salt whore.

  5. Salt just doesn't do it for me, freshly ground black pepper however!!!

  6. Haven't added salt to a prepared meal in over twenty years - also, my BP is right on target. Pepper though, I am a pepper whore - on french fries, in the ketchup, on anything except coffee and OJ -