Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loosen the Bone!

Mind suck, brain drain, mental eruption, cranium crunch, haywire, loose wire, smokin eardrums, egg in a frying pan.....any questions?

I was passed an article on technology and its effects on the human mind. It stated that our focus is being directed to all of our gadgets on a continual basis to a point where we are actually rewiring our brains. We are developing shorter attention spans along with quick bursts of thought as we shift from emails to websites to phone calls & facebook. It warns that we are loosing the best of ourselves, our creative thought, our mental clarity and cerebral freedom.

I totally get this. I bounce from work cell to personal cell and always have a watchful eye for that flashing message indicator light. Did someone text, call or email? 

The article suggests dedicating a certain amount of time a day away from these gadgets, a simple 1 hour excursion for personal meditation w no phone, tv, or internet can and will help regain & awaken our natural thoughtful & creative inner being.

Lets Start Now: 

  1. walk on your tippy toes  
  2. try running backwards 
  3. do a crossword puzzle
  4. create a turkey drawing using your hand as a template
  5. start a craft project with macaroni shells
  6. Imagine you have amnesia and look for ways to survive in the environment around you. 

Omgoodness, I think I like this idea. A funny comedian once said bout Fred Flintstone's wife. "Loosen the bone Wilma", suggesting that she let her hair down a relax. So with that, I remind myself to put down the phone, free my mind & loosen my bone.


  1. Todd, you are SO right! I was reading this and checking my emails on my phone at the same time, I REALLY need to loosen my bone.

    Think I'm going to switch it all off and go and sit in the blow up ring in the pool for a bit (ps. that sounds a lot grander than it really is added to which it's June in the UK so I'll probably freeze my ass off)

  2. I'm not a big techie.
    My cell phone is used to make calls and receive calls.
    No texting available.
    No internet available.
    I get on the computer only for a short while each day, and when at work, I only use it for work.

    I guess what I mean to say is that my bone is already loose.

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  4. Our latest novel is actually about what would happen if the Internet/cell phones went down. We think the world would destroy itself. It's a dark comedy, but sadly, I don't think it's too far off.

  5. I SOOOO need to loosen the bone (snicker) -- I am not as bad as some, but still.

    I loved turkey hand drawings!!!

  6. yes, I am SO bad about this! thanks for stopping by-following you back!

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