Monday, June 13, 2011

My DeLorean needs an oil change

If I could turn back time and put another dime in the juke box, I'd play Cindi Laupers hit Time after Time. She's so unusual!

My DVR is taking over my mind, it has become an extension of myself. I'm in love w/ my rewind feature on this device, whenever watching television and something strikes me, I reach for my remote and hit the "bring it on back" button. My button will rewind at a 15 second interval, usually 1 or 2 pushes will set me up to enjoy a certain tidbit once again. Whether it be eye candy, a funny punch line or that Sarah MaLachlan save the dogs commercial, her accent cracks me up.

This feature is so valuable to me that my instinct to use it is starting to occur in REAL life. There are moments during my real life experience just walking around or hanging w my peeps where I have that reflex to reach for the remote and hit "bring it on back".  WHAT!  Help me out here, am I losing grip, or is this natural?  The convenience of a quick rewind would be so amazing in my daily life.

think I'm gonna love getting older, I gonna embrace these ism's and give myself permission to answer those phantom vibrations I get from my cell phone.  "Hello, is this God calling me.  I normally don't pick up random #'s........ your lucky Big Guy"


  1. Life would be so much easier if it was DVR'able.

  2. Never heard of any of those, but that just means I'm young.

    ....Kidding. :D

    Cindy Laupers - my parents are fans.

    Also, thanks for adding me on your blog roll!

  3. I love me some Cindy Lauper!!! She's still my little gangster bitch to this day!

    ...and is it me, or does Jesus look sharp as hell! I feel a cat call coming on!

  4. "Hi, I'm Sarah McLachlan, and I was famous for 5 minutes because of a song they played over 10 years ago. Please give me money. I mean for this dog."

  5. Hmmmm... Sarah McLachlan has an accent? Or have I just been in Rhode Island too long?

  6. I'm with Cyn....Sarah McLachlan has an accent? I'll have to watch it again and get back to you!

    I love my DVR (we call it a PVR around here). I hate live tv. It makes me mad!


  7. Sarah drives me You had me laughing out loud -thanks. newest follower from Monster Hop - would love a hop back!
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