Monday, June 27, 2011

magic backwards is cigam

"Do you believe in Magic" The Lovin' Spoonfuls

If I were magic, I would use it so much I'd be exhausted.  

I wonder if a magician after a long day of work is like:

"Look, I realize your mother in law is a handful, but I'm not sawing her in half. I'm tired I just wanna watch tv"

"put the damn doves away, I'm sick of all that coo'ing"

I'd use my magic for everything. Changing the channel, making my dirty dishes disappear, taking the dogs out. I would turn into the laziest magician because there would be no reason to lift a finger

my realistic self tells me that magic is just a tale, a bit of trickery that uses smoke and mirrors, but the whimsical side of me likes to think it may be true. That there are people who walk amongst us that have the ability to turn up the heat on reality and pull us into a wacky worm hole of adventure. Presto chango, peel me a mango. Rabbits outta hats, aces into spades.

There are all types of magicians out there, escape artists, dagger throwers, quick finger card tricks, and grand illustionists

If I had my choice of magician, I'd choose to be an ole school magician w/ a cape and a slicked back hairdo. I'd have a magic wand w a white tip, I'd light peoples wallets on fire and levitate old grandmas in the crowd. I'd tell jokes. I'd fake my death with a underwater stunt gone wrong, the crowd would grow uncomfortable but not for long as I'd ride down the aisle on a palomino horse dressed in rhinestones.

Just some fun and games people! don't cry, don't cry for me Argentina!

"cause I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Cambell


  1. Gold coins from behind peoples ears, that would be a winner.

  2. I'd love to make people disappear.

    I've already started a list......

  3. I absolutely believe in magic - or the force - otherwise I cannot explain Kara's unending attraction to me.