Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weiners, I'll take a bakers dozen

We've all got Wieners on the brain. A whole national debate on a sexting incident. Now we have Pelosi grinding her spike heal into this matter like a mad dominatrix,  can we give this man a break please, my lit'l guy is startin to feel bad. We need Oprah!

To my knowledge I don't have any pics of my peen floating out there, go ahead and try googling it. I am very protective of my nether regions. I'm not a walk round my house naked kind of guy, so the thought of snapping a pic or two of Mr Tallywak seems ridiculous to me. I wonder if I'd be just as picky bout angle and lighting as I am when it comes to my head shots. "Hey, erase that one, my nutz look like raisins from that angle".

Do you think wieners name alone caused this infatuation with his Jo Hanson, its possible. My last name is carr and I like to go to the auto show every year.  Maybe if his last name was Anusagus we'd all be talkin bout a completely different pic. 

I'm sure Weiner had a tough childhood with that last name but despite this he was able to overcome and become a big political player, its too bad all of that has been dissolved by a few racy man hose photos. How DUMB!  Do ladies even enjoy looking at these types of pictures?  I know guys are all visual and can stare at bare flesh for dayz, but does a lady actually look at bulging crotch shots for kicks?  "Hey Jerry! Show me that walk the snake move".

Poor wiener, what a sad sack, his casing has come undone like a 45 second microwave hot dog. 
pics of bones may break my home but words will never hurt me


  1. All he needs to do to leave this behind him is to simply stop commenting on it - it is like the trial by Kafka - to have lived all he needed to do was walk away. Responding to such things with any pleading whatsoever only boils the sauce which may seem like the right thing to do but it only thickens it. Also, I've only ever sexted my wife - she isn't about to share, however, we all have to remember that anything going out over these wireless connections and on the internet can be fodder for anyone at anytime.

  2. I don't know what it is with that name; I had a VP with that last name and he was a disgusting perv. It's a miracle he hadn't been sued for sexual harassment... up until then, anyway. I'm sure he's been called out by now.

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  4. I know plenty of guys and girls who are into sexting. I don't really get it myself but hey as long as the sexting occurs between two consenting adults then it's all fien by me.

  5. I think the two words "How dumb" covered it all.
    From his doing it, to the media, and public, obsession with it.

  6. I've said this earlier, the media is making it a big deal because let's face it - with a name like Weiner it's just so easy! But what about the women - just erase it and move on. I wonder if rehab will solve his problem? Is there a rehab for plain poor judgment?

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