Monday, June 20, 2011

Banana seat w/ some chopped nuts

Summer 2011 is here and I am a happy man for it.  Aaron and I did some tinkering in the garden this weekend, I am still having to dig the dirt from underneath my nails, don't want anyone to think I'm a hillbilly.

I went for a bike ride w my friend Jillian a few weeks ago and wowzers!, 3 days later my ass still felt like ass.

I borrowed the neighbor lady's bike, helmet and all. It was white with the sloping lady bar, never have figured  out why ladies have the drooping frame, if anyone can kick their legs over a high bar its a woman. I don't understand the lady sloping bar, Do the Olympic lady bike riders have sloping bars?  I don't think so. Maybe its a throw back to the day w/ women would ride side saddle.

We love Bananas!

Jillian and I probably rode for a total of ten miles. We went through a sculpture park, rode by a beach and watched a guy rinse his t-shirt in a drinking fountain, Gross!  

My undercarriage took a beating that day, I supposed I will need to gradually work up a tolerance before I can continue to log double digit miles on a bike. 

Its monday, It's raining and I've got lotsa work stuff to accomplish.  Wishing you all well!  I think I'll work the phrase "shiver me timbers" into a dialogue today.  


  1. Constant riding will eventually give you an undercarriage like a jockey.

  2. Nothing worse than an undercarriage beating.

    Spoken from experience.

  3. Oh wow -- the post makes me truly miss my 1976 choper handled bar, pink bike with the white banana seat, basket, and glittery tassles! My bike was the shit!

  4. lol! Funny post :) I am stopping by from the Fun Tuesday Blog Hop! I am your newest follower! I cannot wait to read more. I hope you will stop by and follow me back :)

  5. Oh, bike bum... They say it'll harden ya, but I'm guessing that also conjures up all sorts of inappropriate images. Fantastic post!

  6. New follower form the Fun Tuesday Blog Hop.
    Hope you follow back.

  7. I have a buddy who just finished the Ride the Rockies race and has major saddle burn. He showed me a pic of his sore today before we ate dinner. It didn't exactly help my appetite.