Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothin gets between me and My levis, cept a bit of jock itch

can we talk about Pants!  I've got a pair on me right now that I am screaming for.  Not some flash in the pan pants that your use and abuse, rip to shreds and hand down to your brother.  These pants are w/ you for LIFE! Just like the scar you got falling off that jungle gym,  FOR LIFE!

Back in 1998 my friend Kris gave me a pair of Levis Polysester 517 boot cut cowboy pants, Black.  he could've just handed me a shot of Elvis's sweat, I was in love!  These pants were made not only for my body but also my lifestyle.  I like to look good, we ALL do.  but I'm not a huge fan of working for it.  NO!  I want to magically get that sexy vibe on, accent my long twig figure and go about my day not looking like a trash heap.  WEll!  These pants deliver! 

Since 1998 I've bought 8 pair.  I currently have 6 in rotation.  I know it sounds disgusting but this material is from another world.  God help me if I'm ever caught in a fire, they say polyester will melt to your skin. ohhh well. If pants could be a tatttoo I'd choose these.  I've worn these to every special occasion my life could muster.  Weddings, Funerals, Graduations, Birthdays, Interviews, First day of work, Last day of Work, hell, I picked my car outta the pound wearing these.  I could honestly say, if I were to shake hands w/ President Obama, I would reach for a pair of these trousers.  He'd probably enjoy em.  

Let's start w/ the permanent crease, I haven't picked up an iron in 15 years but you couldn't tell.  My poly crease is spot on.  "OH nooo...I just spilled nacho cheese all over my lap, no worries, give me a rag and water,  I'll just dab that up."  I almost feel like a superhero in these pants. Bam!  Who's zooming who.

Honestly, I reccomend these pants to anyone who likes to keep things simple.  This isn't a sales pitch, just a man in love w/ my leg coverings.  Aaron is always trying to get me to venture out, but I feel complete in these.  I can literally go dancing, drink  8 beers, stumble home, holler at a cab, toss a twenty, drop my keys, collapse on the ground and wake up to brunch the next morning with nothing more than a breath mint.  "why sir, let me lead you to our best table, your pants are simply divine!"  

yeah, score one for pants!


  1. So, um, you like the pants?
    I'm just guessing.

  2. I'm with Bob, you really like these pants then?

  3. what the hell, I only have 2 pairs of jeans. All I need.

  4. Nice pants, lol.

    I'm more into socks and skirts though.

    After all, god gave girls LEGS for a reason. ;) Flaunt them.