Friday, June 24, 2011

going up?

"Love in an elevator, livin it up when your going down" Steven Tyler
 "Push the button, keep out the devil" Harold Arlen

"Love shack, funky lit'l shack, wearing next to nothin cause its hot as an oven, the whole town shimmies..... everybody groovin, everybody's movin around and around and around" B-52's

Man, where do I sign up?  I need to go to the love shack, that place sounds amazing.

I'm gonna tempt fate a bit and make the statement. I've never been trapped in an elevator or made love in one for that matter. I think I'm ready though, so if life decides to throw me in a metal box dangling my precious body above 10 stories then so be it, Brang it! Brang it on Life!

If I got caught in an elevator, I'd hope I was trapped with someone who couldn't speak, I think they are called mutes. I've never met a Mute before, I think that would be a fabulous way to spend time, communicating w/ a charade master. I could probably pick up a few good miming tips, like states, types of automobiles, dog breeds, different forms of pasta noodles

Depending on how long I was trapped would determine the type of person I'd want to be trapped with.

5  + hours:           definitely a mute
2 hours:                 a massage artist,
1 hour:                   belly dancer, yodeler
30 mins:           shadow puppet master
5 mins or less:   a throat clearer, just so I had something to complain about afterwards

 "Oh may gawd, are you alright, you being stuck in the elevator must have been horrible".

 "Ahh no big deal, it was just 5 mins, the worst part was the continuous throat clearing I had to listen to, THAT was miserable"

This weekend is Chicago Gay Pride, parties, rainbows, cocktails and fun. Aaron and I are planning to share the moment w a few friends and join in any public chanting we come across. "We're here we're queer, where's my drink".  I think that's how that goes. Or is it "what do we want? Equality. When do we want it?  Now would be nice!!!"


  1. Everytime I get in an elevator with my husband, I always give him a look. He will smile and when I approach he backs away and scares me away with "they are watching". haha Don't know if it is true or not but I stop.

  2. I have few fears -- but elevators totally screw with my equilibrium and give me a wee bit of motion sickness.
    Have ya seen that movie *Devil* -- just sayin'...

    We had Pride last weekend (Father's Day Weekend -- Providence is so dumb!) and I had to work. Enjoy and I L♥♥VE your chants -- lol!!!!

  3. I've been stuck in an elevator TWICE - once was only for about 5 minutes but the second time was for just over 1 hour - and I was trapped with my mother. dum-diddty-dummmmm.
    A massage artist would have been lovely.

  4. I love me some gay pride parties! I get so fucked up that I actually think that I have a penis and hit on anything with testicles ;)

  5. What sort of love would you get in an elevator or be looking for?